What Not to Wear to Work – Summer Edition

What Not to Wear to Work – Summer Edition

The great thing about fashion is that everyone has their own flavor, their own style, their own idea of what looks good. However, finding the right fashion in the workplace can be a little trickier, especially if you work in an industry with a strict dress code. Employees who are expected to wear professional attire everyday find that wearing a corporate suit in the summertime challenging, especially when then temperatures are rising and the humidity is sweltering. Summertime may allow tweaks in professional attire that will remain completely acceptable if you know “what not to wear.”

Flip Flops: Many companies allow dressier sandals in the workplace; however flip flops are not professional footwear at all. Not only are this rubber shoes too reminiscent of the beach or hanging out at the mall, these also make a very irritating noise when walking through quiet hallways in the office.

Sheer Fabrics: Sheer fabrics are best left for bathing suit cover-ups and dressy evening wear. Although sheer clothing may feel breezy and cool in the middle of a heat wave, they may convey the wrong image and unwanted attention at work. Also, sheer clothing will make you very under dressed in the notorious coldness of most office spaces.

Shorts: Wearing shorts will make your image seem less professional, especially cutoffs and cargos. Some fashion magazines picture women in tailored Bermuda shorts or “city shorts” which may be appropriate in the summer for some office places; use your best judgment. However, a just-above-the-knee skirt will keep you even cooler all while conveying a smart, authoritative image.

Too Much Skin: Low-cut blouses, bared midriffs, mini-skirts and backless tops don’t communicate the right message for a professional workplace. Keep skirts at a modest length and keep the neckline of blouses five-fingertips below the collarbone. There is some controversy whether or not arms should be bared in a professional environment; take cues from your superior to see whether or not a jacket or sweater is worn on top of a sleeveless shirt.

Keep your professional reputation intact on your current job or when interviewing for new jobs by wearing the appropriate clothing for the season. Hot temperatures may call for modifications, but always err on the side of being too conservative. You’ll never feel embarrassed by being a bit overdressed for a meeting than being obviously under dressed.…

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The new proof validates that vitamin C helps cardiovascular and respiratory perform, cognition, bone growth and mineralization, vision and will even lower the chance of stress-related illnesses and certain sorts of cancer.…

The Best Wardrobe and Closet Designs

The Best Wardrobe and Closet Designs

An attractive wardrobe and closet can represent a lot for a person. Having a great looking and functional wardrobe can really bring light into your house and make its aspect much more appealing to the eye. After all, who does not want a good looking design in his house? It is crucial that you know how to properly choose a good looking design and how to avoid those ugly ones. The most important thing to keep in mind here is that in the end it only comes to your taste, so the design that you are going to choose should always make you happy.

You will find a wide variety of styles and designs out there; you can find stand-alone, walk-in and built-in wardrobes that are generally built so that they can meet just about any requirement that a customer may have. You should know that each wardrobe style provides a certain space. It is important to keep this in mind while searching for a great looking appliance so that you will be sure that it will fit the room in which you are going to use it. It is also good to go for a wardrobe style that offers more than just functionality, after all, our aim here is to bring a little light into our homes.

You will also be able to find a good number of old style wardrobes and closets on the market. These antique appliances may be the perfect thing for an individual that can match them with the design of his home. These wardrobes and closets are also usually made from wood, making them more pleasing to look at. I don’t recommend buying these appliances if you are going for a more modern look, because these pieces usually only go well into older houses.

The walk-in wardrobes are the ones that usually use the most wall space. They are normally big enough so that you can fit them into a smaller room. I highly recommend them if you are looking to save some space while still trying to maintain a pleasant look to your room. Don’t let the size of these appliances fool you because they are highly functional.

Whatever wardrobe style or design you may choose, you should be sure that it will be to your liking. A good wardrobe will also offer functionality, so that you will be able to properly organize and store things, such as your clothes, your shoes or just about any small object that you might want. Be careful when searching and make smart purchases!…

Wardrobe Cabinets

Wardrobe Cabinets

Your closet is full and you need something for your clothes. Do you use a wardrobe cabinet, an armoire, or a dresser? The primary difference is that a wardrobe cabinet includes hanging, the other two options don’t. Let’s look at the pros and cons of each.


This is usually a tall cabinet with doors. Behind the doors are a combination of shelves and drawers. The more of these, the better you will be able to organize your “foldable” clothing items. In addition, you might find that is has enough open area within that you can have a space for a TV.

In my mind, the big advantage of an armoire is the design and look of the piece itself. Options include antiques, design theme (like western, modern, country, or classical), decorative hardware, and a variety of wood veneers. You will be able to find something unique and interesting.


Generally speaking, dressers will offer more compartments than armoires (so no space for a TV). They will either be low and long, or high and narrow. The added compartments make it easier to separate the clothing in a way that you prefer.

Dressers usually come as part of a bedroom set. Therefore, (my opinion only) they tend to look a bit more commercial than armoires. On the other hand, they are able to hold more than either of the other 2 options (again, generally speaking), allowing you more flexibility.

Wardrobe Cabinet

Typically, these are tall and slender – smaller than the other two. Therefore they won’t hold as much. They are plainer – more modern looking.

On the other hand, they provide hanging for long clothing like dresses or coats. Individually, a wardrobe cabinet will be cheaper than either a dresser or an armoire. They also can be combined with other pieces, or more of the same piece, creating an assembly that potentially acts like a full wall of closets. This can be made up of several tall cabinets, or a more interesting combination of tall and short cabinets.

Here’s a TIP about moving cabinets or furniture. It’s better to remove the doors and drawers first (and the contents of course). But if you elect to tape the doors and drawers so that they don’t shift during the move, DON’T put the tape directly onto the wood. The adhesive will leave a residue that will damage the finish and be hard to remove. You will be better off wrapping the cabinet in a packing blanket first, and then wrapping the tape around that. Shrink wrap and bubble wrap are also good options.…

Tips to Designing a Reach in Wardrobe Part Three

Tips to Designing a Reach in Wardrobe Part Three

The focus now will be on the organizing of your wardrobe, and this is where you get to really personalize this type of storage space according to your specific needs.

By knowing what closet accessories are available to you, it will help you determine how to best store your items so they can be easily reached. A cramped closet is not only a hassle to look at and retrieve items from it can be detrimental to preserving the items that it contains. Not only that, a badly arranged wardrobe adds to your workload. Think about how much time you have wasted in the past looking for an item that you knew was in the wardrobe. Or, how you have had to iron your clothes before going out because they have become wrinkled in your overloaded closet? You will no longer have to deal with any of this with your newly designed reach in wardrobe. That is provided you now organize it efficiently.

It begins with an inventory of the items that are going to be kept in this space. In most cases it will be a variety of types of clothing and accessories that take up the bulk of the space.

The first thing to consider is the type of sliding door you chose as this will dictate the best way to utilize closet storage accessories. If you have a double sliding door, remember you can only access the interior by one section at a time. So you need to group your clothing items together. You will want to have all of the longer hanging apparel in one area. On the opposite use this for folded items that can be placed on a selection of strategically placed shelving. Above the shelving you could make use of some space for shorter clothing that is better hanging rather than folded. You may forget about all the additional space you now have, and tend not to make use of it to its fullest extent. Items that are seasonal can be placed towards the top of your newly designed reach in wardrobe.

When it comes to your shelving don’t leave out the possibility of also being able to include drawers as well. These are great for your delicate items that don’t sit well on the shelves. Shelves are ideal for your bulky items such as sweaters and night wear.

In respect to where to position your hanging items in conjunction with the shelves, the ends of the reach in closet are usually best suited for the hanging items. The center section of both sides of the close is ideal for your shelving as they are so easy to reach.

With the right design and planning for your reach in wardrobe it can mean so much by way of storing your items in a neat and organized manner. It can easily save you money as you won’t be replacing what you thought were lost items. Plus, …

Wardrobe Staples You Can’t Live Without

Wardrobe Staples You Can’t Live Without

Though fashion styles tend to come and go, there are certain items that transcend seasonal trends. These must-have items are incredibly versatile and can be paired with pretty much any look. So, whatever your fashion point of view, there are some garments that deserve a permanent place in your closet.

Firstly, one staple item that every fashion-conscious female should have is the little black dress. The little black dress, or ‘LBD’ as it’s often affectionately called, is an iconic piece of women’s wear and no wardrobe is complete without it. Decade after decade, season after season, the LBD is praised for giving women that perfect subtle sexiness with a clean, simple silhouette. You can accessorise your little black dress for almost any occasion. For a cocktail party, wear it with a stunning pair of heels and bold jewellery, but for a day at the office, pair it with simple black flats and a fitted blazer. Whatever the occasion, you can always count on your little black dress.

Another wardrobe staple is a classic wool coat. Though winter coat trends fluctuate from year to year, you can count on certain silhouettes to never go out of style. For example, a fitted trench-style wool coat is always chic and will keep you looking stylish every winter. Though the cold weather may tempt you to reach for the oversized parka or an ill-fitting hoodie, a simple wool coat will keep you warm without compromising style. For a truly classic look, choose a black coat, however having one in cherry apple red or bright Kelly green will add a bit more fun to your wintertime wardrobe.

Finally, perhaps the most essential wardrobe item is a great pair of jeans. Though hunting for that perfect pair of jeans can be frustrating, when you finally find them, the payoff is huge. Jeans are one of the most versatile garments out there, easy to dress-up for a night out or dress-down for a casual daytime look. Of course, jeans are not immune to fluctuating trends. From high-waisted bellbottoms in the 70s to the low-rise flares of the early 2000s, it is possible for certain jean trends to go out of style. However, you can rely on a classic pair of straight-leg, dark denim jeans to stay in-fashion year after year.

Thus, if your wardrobe is lacking a little black dress, a classic wool coat or a great pair of jeans, you’ve got some shopping to do. By adding some staple items to your fashion repertoire, you can experiment with seasonal trends without worrying that your entire wardrobe will be dated within a few years.…