Wardrobe Essentials For Him

Wardrobe Essentials For Him

Are you the classic and elegant type of guy? Are you working in a professional and formal or a casual setting environment? Do you need more suits than jeans or the other way around?

I believe almost every man needs a good fashion overhaul to make him look great especially if he’s a professional. Of course, his wardrobe is one of the important things to work out. Determining your lifestyle is the first thing to do when creating your well-designed wardrobe. Here are tips on how to perfectly fill up your wardrobe.

Navy Suits

Black or gray navy suits are great if you want to look classic and neutral. Yes, I know that you will need it a couple of times a year, but you will fell lucky to have them when certain occasions arise. It can also be mixed matched with blazer or jeans. It’s definitely worth spending money on since it’s a good investment for your outfits.

Shoes and Belts

In evening functions you may want to wear black shoes and belt since it’s almost a perfect match for any suits, khakis and jeans. You may also consider wearing brown shoes but you will get more mileage out of black shoes especially for formal occasions.

White Dress Shirts

The white dress shirts looks great on almost everybody since it reflects sharpness and versatility but bear in mind not to use it as a casual shirt.

Solid Ties

Solid ties, easy and versatile, come handy on interviews, weddings, and evening events. You can also try a classic diagonal stripe if the plain solid colored tie isn’t your style.

Blue Blazers

Try to have in your wardrobe a blue blazer for an all year round dress. It pairs easily in your khakis and other items such as jeans. You can also put on a tweed sport coat if you are bored with blue blazers but always remember that tweed is more likely to be useful during fall and winter. Blue blazers and tweed coat never failed to hold a look together.


Overcoats doesn’t really have to be long, it just have to be at least ¾-length or simply a car coat. It can be worn with almost anything and jeans; it simply finishes an outfit.


Another essential item to have in a man’s wardrobe is a briefcase. It does not always have to be hard case; it can also be a soft bag or a messenger bag style. It comes very useful to carry your documents, files and other papers.

Now you know the must haves in a man’s wardrobe, you should be able to present yourself with confidence in any formal or evening event. You can now be fashionably classic and elegant when occasions arise.