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Sliding Or Hinged Wardrobe Doors? (2)

Sliding Or Hinged Wardrobe Doors? (2)

More frequently asked questions I get asked about the relative merits of hinged or sliding doors on fitted wardrobes:

‘Does it matter how many sliding doors you have’

Well, obviously this will be partly governed by the overall length of the wardrobe installation. The minimum number of doors is two and I certainly discourage my fitted bedroom customers from having sliding doors on any fitted wardrobe under 1200 mm (4ft) wide, because sliding doors of floor to ceiling height but under 600 mm (2ft) width look ungainly, are harder to keep adjusted and may have a tendency to tilt if they hit an obstruction like a shoe on the track. Good quality, modern sliding wardrobe door systems have built in anti-jump devices fitted to the rollers but even these may not be enough to prevent a tall, thin door from coming off the track.

Sliding wardrobe doors are usually available in widths up to 1200 mm wide which means that with a 25 mm overlap and a build at the ends of over 25 mm a two door wardrobe is fine up to 2400 mm (8ft) wide.

A three door installation can then take you to 3600 mm (12ft) but a disadvantage of a three door set up is that with the usual twin track set up and each door representing one third of the overall width; you will have two thirds of the total opening with plus two 25 mm overlaps on one side of the track; thereby limiting the access to the wardrobe interiors at any position to one third less 50 mm. Also, if the wardrobe is shared by two people, one person will have to wait their turn when accessing the wardrobe at the same time. This issue disappears with a four door arrangement as access is available to half the wardrobe (less 75 mm) and that half can be split in two, thereby allowing each party 25% access to use on their half at will. sliding door wardrobes of over four doors in width are unusual but at five or even six door widths the ability to share the access improves.

Only three door wardrobes tend to lead to domestic disharmony in the mornings but it is an issue worth bearing in mind.

More to come on this topic.…

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Why is a Clothes Swap the Best Way to Refresh Your Wardrobe?

Why is a Clothes Swap the Best Way to Refresh Your Wardrobe?

Do you go through your wardrobe at the beginning of each season mumbling to yourself that you have got nothing to wear? The chances are that you have got plenty to wear but you just don’t want to wear it. The reason that you don’t want to wear it is that you are bored with it, perhaps it doesn’t fit very well and never has done or perhaps you just want the feeling of having something new. A clothes swap can solve all of these problems and what is more it is eco friendly, frugal and fun.

Each time you rush to the shops to by a seasons worth of new clothes, that at the end of the season you will throw away because you are bored of them, you are creating damage to the environment. Not only are you creating unnecessary waste which is likely to contribute to the growing problem of landfill in the UK but you are also increasing the environmental impact associated with clothing manufacture. Synthetic textiles in landfill do not break down and so remain in the ecosystem. Dyes and chemical finishes can also wash out with rain water into the water systems. Even natural textiles cause environmental problems. When they break down they create methane which is a powerful green house gas. There are a variety of other issues associated with the manufacture of new clothes including pesticide pollution and carbon footprints. By swapping clothes you can help to reduce all of these.

We all have the occasional spend up in the shops. More often than not because we want that feeling of having something new and not because we really need it. Just think how you would feel at the end of the month when your credit card bill fluttered onto your doormat instead of landing with a very ominous thump. Arranging or attending a clothes swap is a really enjoyable way to spend an evening or afternoon without spending any money. I can be just as fun as shopping without the debt, guilt and overspending that can often accompany a shopping trip. In fact it is even more fun than shopping as you can try out new looks and styles of clothes without any risk. If you decide that you don’t like something that you have swapped you can always swap it again at another event or on a website.

So there really is no better way to refresh your wardrobe without damage to the environment and your wallet. Swapping is the ultimate guilt free alternative to shopping.…

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The Look of Success – A Personal Journey – Wardrobe Planning

The Look of Success – A Personal Journey – Wardrobe Planning

They wouldn’t build a house without a blueprint, hit the road to a new ski resort without a map, make their first visit to Barcelona without a guidebook or even, in these days of H&G TV, move furniture without a floor plan. And yet, again and again, the number of people, both men and women, who overlook the importance of a wardrobe plan, surprises me.

These are the same folks who would mark the map to Mount-Magical-Skiing with gas stations and highlight the best tapas bars in Barcelona – but off they go on a shopping spree, minus a plan.

Wardrobe planning is done systematically and strategically. Before beginning to build a client’s wardrobe plan, there needs to be a strong foundation in place. The starting point is the client’s body proportions, personal style and colour palette.

Liz had reached this stage on her journey and was ready to move forward. In preparation for our third meeting, I gave Liz a copy of my comprehensive Wardrobe Planning Guide. Although some client’s prefer that I make a “house-call” for this part of the consultation, Liz expressed a newfound confidence about what worked for her; she was ready to tackle her closet.

The following week, she arrived back at the office with her suitcase and my editing process began:

o Group 1: Keepers

o Group 2: Alterations Department

o Group 3: Pass-alongs for her sister

o Group 4: Goodwill donations

Liz’s wardrobe was minimal, so we had to build a plan that would allow her to introduce new pieces on a monthly basis. Since Liz and her partner are saving for a house, it was imperative that her foundation pieces be:

o Versatile – appropriate for varied situations

o Easy to mix and match

o Simple, understated – so she could use accessories to change their looks and moods.

The actual plan would be quite compact, but before committing it to paper we discussed a few basic guidelines:

o Discipline – and the importance of sticking to the plan

o Focus – find key pieces, accept no substitutes

o Impulse purchases – strictly off-limits

o Trend management – avoiding fads

o Splurging – when it makes sense

o Last minute shopping – past history

o Bargains – are they or aren’t they?

Soon, it would be time to put the plan to work, but before we hit the stores, Liz had a few words:

“I really didn’t want to show DC my wardrobe. After going through my closet I was embarrassed – most items didn’t look like they belonged to a young professional. Once I got past my initial feelings, I buckled down and concentrated on understanding how to select the essential building blocks that would form the core, or as DC calls it my ‘survival wardrobe.’ The best part is, I’m enjoying the process – it really is a journey.”

Stay tuned!…

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