Wardrobe Staples You Can’t Live Without

Wardrobe Staples You Can’t Live Without

Though fashion styles tend to come and go, there are certain items that transcend seasonal trends. These must-have items are incredibly versatile and can be paired with pretty much any look. So, whatever your fashion point of view, there are some garments that deserve a permanent place in your closet.

Firstly, one staple item that every fashion-conscious female should have is the little black dress. The little black dress, or ‘LBD’ as it’s often affectionately called, is an iconic piece of women’s wear and no wardrobe is complete without it. Decade after decade, season after season, the LBD is praised for giving women that perfect subtle sexiness with a clean, simple silhouette. You can accessorise your little black dress for almost any occasion. For a cocktail party, wear it with a stunning pair of heels and bold jewellery, but for a day at the office, pair it with simple black flats and a fitted blazer. Whatever the occasion, you can always count on your little black dress.

Another wardrobe staple is a classic wool coat. Though winter coat trends fluctuate from year to year, you can count on certain silhouettes to never go out of style. For example, a fitted trench-style wool coat is always chic and will keep you looking stylish every winter. Though the cold weather may tempt you to reach for the oversized parka or an ill-fitting hoodie, a simple wool coat will keep you warm without compromising style. For a truly classic look, choose a black coat, however having one in cherry apple red or bright Kelly green will add a bit more fun to your wintertime wardrobe.

Finally, perhaps the most essential wardrobe item is a great pair of jeans. Though hunting for that perfect pair of jeans can be frustrating, when you finally find them, the payoff is huge. Jeans are one of the most versatile garments out there, easy to dress-up for a night out or dress-down for a casual daytime look. Of course, jeans are not immune to fluctuating trends. From high-waisted bellbottoms in the 70s to the low-rise flares of the early 2000s, it is possible for certain jean trends to go out of style. However, you can rely on a classic pair of straight-leg, dark denim jeans to stay in-fashion year after year.

Thus, if your wardrobe is lacking a little black dress, a classic wool coat or a great pair of jeans, you’ve got some shopping to do. By adding some staple items to your fashion repertoire, you can experiment with seasonal trends without worrying that your entire wardrobe will be dated within a few years.