Tips to Designing a Reach in Wardrobe Part Three

Tips to Designing a Reach in Wardrobe Part Three

The focus now will be on the organizing of your wardrobe, and this is where you get to really personalize this type of storage space according to your specific needs.

By knowing what closet accessories are available to you, it will help you determine how to best store your items so they can be easily reached. A cramped closet is not only a hassle to look at and retrieve items from it can be detrimental to preserving the items that it contains. Not only that, a badly arranged wardrobe adds to your workload. Think about how much time you have wasted in the past looking for an item that you knew was in the wardrobe. Or, how you have had to iron your clothes before going out because they have become wrinkled in your overloaded closet? You will no longer have to deal with any of this with your newly designed reach in wardrobe. That is provided you now organize it efficiently.

It begins with an inventory of the items that are going to be kept in this space. In most cases it will be a variety of types of clothing and accessories that take up the bulk of the space.

The first thing to consider is the type of sliding door you chose as this will dictate the best way to utilize closet storage accessories. If you have a double sliding door, remember you can only access the interior by one section at a time. So you need to group your clothing items together. You will want to have all of the longer hanging apparel in one area. On the opposite use this for folded items that can be placed on a selection of strategically placed shelving. Above the shelving you could make use of some space for shorter clothing that is better hanging rather than folded. You may forget about all the additional space you now have, and tend not to make use of it to its fullest extent. Items that are seasonal can be placed towards the top of your newly designed reach in wardrobe.

When it comes to your shelving don’t leave out the possibility of also being able to include drawers as well. These are great for your delicate items that don’t sit well on the shelves. Shelves are ideal for your bulky items such as sweaters and night wear.

In respect to where to position your hanging items in conjunction with the shelves, the ends of the reach in closet are usually best suited for the hanging items. The center section of both sides of the close is ideal for your shelving as they are so easy to reach.

With the right design and planning for your reach in wardrobe it can mean so much by way of storing your items in a neat and organized manner. It can easily save you money as you won’t be replacing what you thought were lost items. Plus, with lots of space, your clothing and accessories are far less likely to get ruined which again means less replacement costs.