Wondering How Easy It Is to Build a Wardrobe?

Wondering How Easy It Is to Build a Wardrobe?

It’s simple with easy fit interior sliding doors for your wardrobe. Building your own wardrobe design is easily within the reach of a reasonably competent DIYer.

With most home storage systems comprising of sliding doors you’ll get the following…

Doors pre fitted with bottom runners and top guides

A set of tracks, top and bottom

Your doors to fit your space, hopefully in the deisgn you ordered!

End panels if your wardrobe isn’t going wall to wall

Strike plates and base plates if required

Normally you would supply all your own screws, wall plugs, brackets etc. Many DIY wardrobe suppliers will also have a range of wardrobe interiors to choose from.

Begin by preparing your wardrobe wall, if you are going to decorate it, do this first and allow to dry thoroughly.

Next if you are fitting your own wardrobe interiors this will be your next job. You can build a variety of interior sections to suit your needs. Make sure that each section fits behind each door. You don’t want shelves or hanging space ending in mid section, when it could end neatly at the end of each sliding door.

Consider fitting shelving, drawers, baskets, shoe storage or hanging space. An easy option is to buy a value set of drawer to fit under a hanging rail. Shelving is often built above hanging space if the ceiling height allows.

Once you wall is prepared and the interiors built you can start to fit your wardrobe interior sliding doors.

If you are lining the wall with strike plates and base plates. Measure the wall carefully and cut them to size. Screw these firmly to the wall, ensuring they are not too tight if the surface is uneven or they will warp.

Next cut your top track to size and fit this to the ceiling.

Then measure and cut the bottom track, fixing to the base plate firmly.

Fit your doors into the tracks. Top first and then onto the bottom runners.

Adjust your doors using the bottom adjuster until they fit perfectly.

Admire your new wardrobe!