To Organize Or Not

To Organize Or Not

To organize or not is a question most will always say yes to, although there really don’t seem to be that many organized garages in my neighborhood. I, of course, am among those that say yes. Not sure if that is because of my time spent in the army or because of my mother. She was great when it came to keeping things organized. I believe that is a trait of a lot of mothers. Kids get into absolutely everything, so the only way to keep them safe from would-be hazards is to put it away. And yet, I still find I struggle to keep all of my man-toys in check

Now a days, you can look online and find many organizing companies. They will come into your home, asses your situation and space, and develop and install a system designed for you. However, it seems as though they must have forgotten about those of us who fish. I haven’t found a company that includes something to safely store my rigs.

I recently searched “garage organization systems” and found Garage Tek Florida West Construction. They must be a good company as they are ranked #1 by Consumer Magazine, but they didn’t offer a solution to my problem. I even ran across the company that makes DIY kits for Lowe’s (peg-board systems). So I asked myself, “doesn’t Lowe’s sponsor fishing tournaments? Why wouldn’t they have thought of some sort of storage system for fishing rods.” Well, either way, I didn’t find a company under garage systems that has any fishing rod organizers.

I did finally find a solution to my problem. I found that many companies and DIY-ers use slat-board or peg-board in their garage storage systems, so I started to look into how their systems worked. I found, if you have either of these in your home/office/garage/store, then you can indeed get a storage system for your valuable rods and reels, but you have to actually know what to search for.

There are quite a few different types of rod organizers, but I have found only one so far that will hold them in such a way, as to use hardly any wall space, utilize overhead space that we so often forget about, and yet still have them easily at hand. And, like I said, you can add them to your already installed systems in the blink of an eye. You can store fishing rods, sporting equipment or anything with more than a 9 inch handle too.

I know this will help fisherpersons everywhere protect their favorite fishing rigs. Moms or anyone with those same skills of my mom, people looking to organize that corner or keep the little ones from those hooks and expensive fishing combos. I know my mom will be proud when she sees my garage organization. I already have two sets of rod organizers and have utilized my garage space to the absolute max. Plus, I don’t have to worry about our 2-yr-alive grabbing any of my poles and lodging a hook through his tiny little fingers.