Troubleshooting Tips If Your Garage Door Won’t Open

Troubleshooting Tips If Your Garage Door Won’t Open

Fixing Overhead Door Troubles

Many of you have faced the trouble of your garage door not opening up. A overhead door to function properly needs perfect co-ordination of the different components. A slight defect in any of these arrangements may cause it not to open. There are mechanical and electrical parts involved in opening a garage. They must always be taken care of regularly for greater longevity of your overhead door.

Check the power cable connections of the opener and the electric motor. Usually all connections of your house and garage are of ‘ground fault circuit interrupter’ (GFCI) type, which implies that all appliances are connected to one circuit. All the plug connections should be checked and tightened. Power supply could also be interrupted by circuit breakers. Even after having all electrical connections set up properly the garage door fails to open the defect might lie in the opener or the electric motor.

The door opener receives impulses from a remote control on to sensors. Any damage in these would cause the opener to become inactive. During such times the opener is to be disengaged by pulling an emergency release system. Until the door opener or the motor is rectified the garage is to be shut and opened manually.

The mechanical parts are the torsion and supporting springs, lifting belts or chain, guiding track and door rollers. The electrical components include a door opener, an electric motor, sensors and a transmitter. All these individual parts need to be functional for smooth operation of your garage door.

However for ease of operation most doors have doorlocks installed. These doorlocks are electrically operated and function with the help of sensors and transmitters. The door lock in turn activates an electric motor which regulates the movement of the door shutter with the help of belts or chains. As the door opener is an electrical device, any defect or interruption in power supply would hamper the opening or closing of the garage door.

In the case that your garage door does not open it is always preferable to consult a certified, experienced overhead door company or technician.