Tool Holders – Great For Any Handyman

Tool Holders – Great For Any Handyman

Tool holders can be a great convenience in any work shop. They are easily hung up on the wall, and depending on size, can be used to hold just about anything you would need to use on a regular basis. While they do not completely replace toolboxes, if you work in a single area and do not like having to dig through a box every time you need something they can be a breath of fresh air.

Most people simply think of carrying toolboxes around everywhere they go, and this is the standard, but there are more options. Tool belts are far more convenient for the construction worker, and tool holders are much more convenient for the person looking to do some stationary work at home. Over the years, they have become a staple of the at-home workshop or in the garage.

There are quite a few different types to consider. Your standard tool holder have holes to place the hammer, wrench, screwdrivers, and other types of long tools, but they do not do much for others. There are models available these days that have small shelf-like areas that allow holding for much smaller items, which can make it easier to hold nails or screws, or just smaller precision tools. This can be a great relief to the do-it-yourselfer who is sick of digging through their toolbox every time they need a screw or nail.

There are also varieties that are much more simple and rather are simply pegs coming out from the base on the wall. These simply hold up medium-sized tools and makes it easy to pull them off and use them. This style has become far less common over the past few years, but can be less of an eyesore than the other varieties to choose from.

A type that is a far variation from the old standards is not on the wall at all, but rather sits stationary on the work station. These hold the tools upright or flat and often have more than enough compartments to hold anything needed. This variety can be affordable, but they are often passed over because they take up valuable work station space — however, they are a good option for someone who does not want to nail through their wall.

Something as simple as a station to hold tools would not seem like all that big of a deal initially, but there are several choices available on the market today. Tool holders are more versatile than they have ever been, and they are only growing in size and functionality. Any workstation that does not have at least one of these holders somewhere is not a true workstation — it is just a shed or a garage.