Seven Tips for Garage Door Safety

Seven Tips for Garage Door Safety

When you are carrying out repairs to your garage door, you need to put safety first. Not only because your garage door is extremely heavy but it involves a whole load of cables and electrics. Below are some tips that you need to follow before carrying out garage door repairs.

– If you have decided to attempt your garage entry door repairs yourself, make sure you have read up on the instruction manual. Instruction manuals do serve a purpose and they do need to be read before you start your repair work. This manual will not only tell you how to carry out the specific repairs necessary for your job, but will also give you some very wise tips on safety.

– Before you start any work on your garage door, you need to make a quick inspection of all the moving parts of the door such as the springs, pulleys and cables. This is actually something that should be done as part of the routine maintenance for your garage door. You need to look out for signs of wear and tear on these moving parts, and to realize where there is a fault, you do not need to be a professional repair man. Garage door parts are under a lot of tension within the system and it is advisable to use the services of a professional to carry out the necessary repairs.

– When you are carrying out your garage entry way repairs, make sure that your children are well away from the garage door because there are many moving parts that could cause injury to your children, there is also the motor that they could mess with. Make sure your children are being entertained by an adult in another area of the home while you carry out the repair work.

– If the repairs you need to carry out are electrical, remember to turn off the electrical supply first. You will normally find the electrical supply black box on the wall.

– Also, follow rules on how to open and close the door. Make sure you keep your eye on the door until it is fully open. Never walk away from your door whilst it is opening, but stand clear of the door. Make sure your hands are well away from moving parts such as springs and hinges. Make sure you always put these tips into practice and that your children are aware of them as well.

– Once again, a reminder to you to not try and fix faulty cables and springs yourself. If you attempt this and it goes wrong, you could be very badly injured. Injuries caused by garage door springs can even be fatal and you need to call in the professionals to handle this work.

– As a rule of thumb, if you are unsure of anything, then call in the professionals. The garage entry door really is a dangerous part of the home and you can risk doing yourself much damage. If you are attempting to carry out the repairs yourself but are finding difficulties arising, never hesitate to call in the specialists.