The Rise of the Online Wardrobe

The Rise of the Online Wardrobe

I never used to understand people who said they did all their clothes shopping or planned their wardrobe online. They always tried to sell me the benefits but for me it wasn’t just about the clothes but the shopping experience. I loved the buzzy atmosphere in city centres. I loved to shop all day with my friends and then put my feet up and chill out with a nice glass of champagne in the newest trendy bar. For me, there was just no comparison. Then after a stint with a broken leg, I realised I could have it all and indeed more.

Free your mind for a moment and imagine this. A 24 hour international “sit-down” shopping centre. Cold champagne on tap, no queues, even at Christmas and a hunky delivery man the next day to bring all your shopping direct to the door. Well, that just depends on the delivery company but UPS has some great talent.

And with all the online messaging services you can chat to your friends as you navigate your way around the shops! You can have all the latest fashion trends at the click of a button.

Needless to say I do all my shopping this way these days and just visit the shops if I fancy a leisurely stroll.

If you have put an outfit together in your mind it is really easy to search online. You don’t have to browse rail after rail of women’s clothes, in fact its like having your own virtual personal shopper. You type in the, colour, style and size of what your looking for and your online “personal shopper” will bring it direct to you for your perusal. Perfect.

But what about browsing? I think I will miss window shopping before pay day, right? Wrong. Most websites will allow you to register your details and to browse their pages whilst saving items for up to 30 days. This way you can prepare all your shopping and simply check out once you have been paid. It does not get much better than that.

I like to bargain hunt? Absolutely, this is the biggest advantage. On many portals you can search a particular style and then look at the different budget ranges. You’ll find all the high street competition online.

One of the greatest things about online shopping is the avoidance of changing rooms. First of all in the winter I am generally wearing so many layers it takes forever for me to get out of them and forever for me to get back in them! Plus my hair ends up all messed up from constantly pulling things over my head.

Furthermore I swear that the ultra violet lighting purposely highlights my cellulite and extra roll of fat. I now love to try on my new clothes in the comfort of my own home. I really make quite a night of it. Accessorising, mix and matching, hairstyling. And the outfits I don’t like I send back, simple as that. Some companies will even organise the collection of the unwanted items from your doorstep. So if you are lucky enough to get the cute UPS man you can call him back the next day and have double the dose!!!!!!

Every one is a winner.