Wedding Shoes Your Guests Will Never Forget

Wedding Shoes Your Guests Will Never Forget

We’ve heard it before – people saying “I have 5 weddings in the next 6 months!” They are more annoyed than excited for each of the couples entering a new and happy stage in their life. Wedding after wedding, they all start looking the same.

If you are a bride and want to stand out, why not do it with your shoes? They are under your dress but it doesn’t mean they don’t get noticed. As soon as the formal ceremony is over, your dancing feet will pop out from under that mountain of satin or tulle and the guests are surely to take notice. Make a memorable moment out of it with these simple ideas for shoes:

*Wear a bright color – when I say bright, I mean BRIGHT! Think HOT, HOT, HOT. A neon color if possible! The contrast against the white dress is intense and surely to catch anyone’s attention. The latest trend is the wear a hot pink shoe. Think about it, it’s girly so you feel great in them, and you don’t have to throw them in the pile a long with your other bridesmaids shoes that you will never wear. Next summer, throw it on with a black dress to a party or club. At the very least it will make for a great conversation starter with whomever you are hanging out that night.

*Wear Blue – the only reason for this is to double as your wedding shoe and your “something blue”. And this is surely to fit into your regular wardrobe for repeat usage.

*Wear Metallic – nothing is easier to find than a gold or silver shinny shoe. It’s been the “it” thing for quite a while. They are also the sexiest of these options and dare I say they probably go with every single dress in your wardrobe

*Wear Sneakers – For those brides that prefer comfort over style, wear a sneaker. But it doesn’t mean you have to give up your style. No, you do not have to wear the Nike sneakers you wear to work everyday. There are cute sneakers out there with embellishments like rhinestones that dress them up. All it requires is a simple online search for “rhinestone sneakers”. And because they are probably not marketed as wedding shoes, you can find them cheaper. Or better yet buy a plain white set and jazz them up yourself.

*Wear Cowboy Boots – There’s a no-brainer for the cowgirl at heart – wear your favorite cowboy boots. Not only will you save money but you’ve already broken them in so they won’t hurt your feet. And best of all, they are probably the best bet for dancing the night away.

So if you want to add a little jolt to the dance party, wear anything but white shoes. And it doesn’t stop here. Use this idea in other aspects of your wedding. Instead of a white formal handbag, use your favorite bright colored travel bag like I did. It was certainly more helpful because I could stuff anything in it, including the critical bridal emergency sewing kit. Happy Wedding!