Swimwear for Every Holiday Location

Swimwear for Every Holiday Location

Once upon a time, holidays were once a year occurrence. These days, though, once you include the weekends away and short breaks, four to six times a year is more common. However, as well as the typical two week holidays we have all looked forward to year in and year out, we’re all looking for clever ways to spend our annual leave entitlement. Whether that something different leads us to do charity projects or developing a new skill we’re all demanding a whole lot more from ourselves as well as our holiday. As we’re expecting more from our breaks away we need to plan our holiday wardrobe around these more challenging trips. So here are a few swimwear options for a range of different types of holiday…

Swimwear for Active Holidays

Active holidays are becoming more popular: from water sports to yoga, there’s something for every level of fitness and so much choice in what you want to do and where you want to go. And whether it’s mountain biking through the hills of Andalucia, hiking the Inca trail or water sports in Barbados, good quality lingerie and swimwear is a necessity. The swimwear must be robust, functional and have great support. Even though your objective is to learn a new sport or push yourself to the limit, buy a variety of swimwear to alternate the straps so you don’t end up with huge tan lines.

Swimwear in a Foreign Culture

When visiting a country which has Islamic values it’s obviously important to adapt your choice of clothing. If you want to spend time on the beach or in the sea in Dubai, for instance, you might want to consider a Burqini. This swimwear style was initially adapted for Muslim women. However, it has also recently been known to be used as a sun-safe option, as they are Factor 50 UV protected and chlorine resistant.

Swimwear for a ‘Back to Nature’ Holiday

It might be for a full-on naturist holiday in Greece or plain old topless in Brazil, but there’s nothing like getting in touch with nature and being how nature intended with a spot of naturism. The idea behind naturism is to strip yourself of all outer signs of social position and false attitudes by undressing. This might be too extreme for you, and you would, in fact, feel just as liberated by expelling the top of your swimwear. But whether you go topless to avoid strap marks on the beaches of the Mediterranean or let it all hang out on a dedicated naturist holiday, there’s nothing better than feeling the sun, sea and sand on your body.