Five Tell Signs it’s Time to Repair Your Windows

Windows can be damaged by us during our daily activities for example when children are playing with a ball, it may hit and break the window. We may also damage windows when working on them or around them like when we are cleaning them. Windows are the most delicate part of a house because they are mostly made of glass which is very delicate. Listed below are five signs that your windows need repair;

Broken seals.

When window seals break the panes will be at a greater risk of falling off. Excessive heat destroys the seals by causing numerous cracks and eventually they break apart. If this happens on all your windows, you have to repair the seals because further damage would mean incurring extra costs.

Difficulty in opening windows.

We open our windows daily to let in fresh air and in the process of opening and closing, you may find that you have to struggle to operate the windows. This may be caused by dirty tracks or broken frames and therefore you should clean the accumulated debris on the tracks to avoid breaking the window frames. You should also repair the broken frames to avoid breaking the windows in the process of opening and closing them.

Rotting wooden windows.

People who live in very cold areas and their windows are wooden may experience this especially if their houses are old. Wooden windows rot because of the moist conditions experienced in these areas. The frames rot and some parts of the windows change their color when they start rotting. Do not paint over rotting wood because this only covers for some time then it falls off. If you notice some of these signs on your wooden windows, then you need to repair them to avoid extra costs of building new ones.

Windows leaking cold air.

When winds are blowing especially at night and you notice cold air leaking through the windows when they are closed, a part of the window pane may be cracked, or the seals might be lose. You can seal the gaps on the seals by painting or replacing the cracked window pane. For wooden windows, air may leak due to cracks forming on the wood and therefore you should replace the cracked pieces of wood.

Chipped or broken window panes.

This is one of the easiest way to identify a window that requires repair. When strong winds blow, they carry objects that may hit your windows thus causing cracks and eventually the windows break. When cleaning your windows and you use some of the harsh cleaning materials, they may scratch your windows. If you spot cracks or scratches on your window, it’s high time you repair them or call a professional who works on repairing windows Adelaide to avoid broken glass falling because this may cause injuries.

Window repairs will depend on the seriousness of the damage and the number of the damaged windows. Some damages you can repair them yourself while others may need professional assistance and appropriate materials.