Burbank, California: Here are Some Commons Signs of a Pet Infestation

Pest infestations are becoming more prevalent in California lately. Even the Kardashian’s are having pest problems. Because of the recent infestation, we thought it would be a good time to talk about the common signs of a pet infestation. Burbank, in particular, has been having lots of issues lately. Burbank, don’t let pests get in the way of life.

Those Hidden Nests

Pests love heat. When it’s summertime your backyard could be home to a number of pests that are hiding their nests. If it’s bees or wasps look for wasps’ nest up high in corners and beehives near trees or shady areas. Wasps, in particular, are very good at hiding their nests so it may take some searching. They can even be in your attic, so watch out.


Pests are quiet, but not perfectly so. If you have a pest infestation you may hear strange sounds coming from inside your home. This is especially true at nighttime when everything is silent. If you hear something crawling around in the night, as scary as it sounds, it may be a den of pests.


If the pests are in an area that makes them particularly hard to hear and you see no nests, look for droppings. Bug droppings are generally small, but noticeable. Once you find the dropping, do an internet search and you should be able to identify the type of pest that you are dealing with.

Dead Insects

Maybe you can’t find the living pests, but if you look hard you may find the dead ones. After all, a dead bug can’t hide. If you notice a lot of dead insects around your home, you may be looking at a pest problem you probably didn’t even know you had.


Pests can give smells, nasty smells. Roaches smell almost like fecal matter. On the other hand, sometimes pests give off a sweeter smell such as bed bugs. If you smell some strange smells in your home it may be a pest.


Insects aren’t the only kinds of pests you could be dealing with, mice and rats are particularly noticeable. If you can’t find the mouse or rat, but hear them creeping around in the night, try to find gnaw marks. These are usually on walls or near food. Mice are typically inside during the winter trying to find shelter. There is a good reason why rodent control Burbank CA is such a booming business, winters get cold.

Check the Wood

Termites are probably one of the worst pets that you can have in your home. They have a particularly bad habit of gnawing away at wood and eating the structure of your home. The main way to check for termites is to check the wood itself. It will often have visible damage.

Don’t let pests get you down. Usually hiring pest control is affordable and there are plenty of homemade traps for different types of pests. Make sure that you stay vigilant in combating insects and mice in your home. Pests can be destructive, and some of them can even cause severe structural damage to your home. No one likes pests, after all, they are called pests for a reason.