Which Hormann Garage Door Best Suits Your Home?

Which Hormann Garage Door Best Suits Your Home?

The Hormann brand of door for garage has long been synonymous with stylish and highly functional designs. It is currently the most in-demand brand for European homeowners and contractors. The company’s catalogue boasts of various styles and designs to fit most homes. But which one best suits your own house? Don’t let the dizzying choices confuse you. Hormann designs fall into major categories. The first step is to choose which mechanism fits your garage:

Up-And-Over Garage Doors

The first type of design is called the up-and-over door. The one version of the up-and-over range opens on tracks that are attached on the vertical sides of the garage opening and forms a canopy when opened. This means that the door creates a sort of additional roofing over the driveway when fully open. The canopy type is popular among the budget-conscious.

The second up-and-over version has a retracting mechanism that hides the door neatly under the ceiling. Horizontal tracks are installed inside the garage. This is best for those with tall vehicles and would need the full vertical clearance of the garage. The up-and-over design is the most popular choice for most homeowners with ample driveway clearance.

Roll-up Garage Doors

The mechanism on this type allows the door to open vertically. The door is divided into horizontal sections, which are then guided up and over the opening; although a bit more expensive, this design is fully automated and best suited for homes with tight driveways. The roll-up design saves on space and allows you to park right in front of the door while it opens.

At the moment, the Hormann roll-up garage doors are available only in steel with varying degrees of insulation. These doors can be fully automated and boast of quiet mechanisms.

Hormann’s range of wooden garage doors falls mostly under the up-and-over mechanism type. The doors are made of cedar or a mix of cedar and marine plywood. The door is also given a sturdy base coat to help it stand well against the harsh effects of snow, rain and intense sunshine. Various wood stains and colors are available to fit most existing home designs and exterior styles. Standard sizes are available and there are experts who can help you take measurements.

A special recommended feature for doors for garage is to include a wicket door. This is a separate access within the existing door for garage. It allows you to move in and out of the garage without having to open the entire door. This comes in handy when you would like to work in your garage or if you just want to get the bicycle or other small item.

Installing a door for garage provides extra security for your home and belongings. Wooden garage doors in particular add a certain warm curb appeal to your house. The key to choosing the perfect door is to first decide on the space available and the functionality you require before going to the aesthetics. The good thing is that the choices are wide and that there is always a design that will fit your house.