Types of Garage Doors and How They Can Save You Money

Types of Garage Doors and How They Can Save You Money

Installing new garage doors can not only enhance your curb appeal but also cut energy costs during the more extreme months. Some professionals argue that upgrading to newer models has the potential to save families up to a third on their healing and cooling bills. This article will discuss the types of overhead models on the market today that will produce savings as well as aesthetic charm.

Vinyl ModelsGarage doors constructed of vinyl are possibly the most popular type of overhead model on the market due to its durability and maintenance-free qualities. They are easily paintable but are also available in a variety of colors and decorative patterns. They are the most resistant to dents and dings and are offered in various styles with different upgrades such as windows and decorative glass accents.

Steel ModelsSteel garage doors offer the most cost-effective option in replacing your overhead system. Also very durable, steel models provide years of functionality without sacrificing style. They are available in many styles, patterns and colors as well.

Wood Composite ModelsWood composite is the ‘green’ choice in overhead systems today. This largely recycled material is also very durable and extremely resistant to warping and cracking. Wood composite is very customizable and not as expensive as actual wood, making it a popular choice for do-it-yourselfers who have a precise idea of what they want their overhead model to bring to the styling of their home.

Wood ModelsWood is also a very customizable option. It is often used in more rustic styled homes and creates a lovely warmth, and an organic feel that few other materials can provide. While wood is very versatile, it is not maintenance free, as it requires restraining and sealing at times.

Various Style OptionsOverhead systems are available in many styles, and most styles are offered in any of the above materials. Raised panels create dimension and class, much like recessed panels provide. As stated, windows can add a homier feel to any style, and they are available in numerous options and sizes. The beautiful carriage house styling adds a great deal of drama and panache to any home’s exterior and while the cost is a little higher for these models, you will agree that it is worth every dime.

Whatever style you are planning to use to enhance the beauty of your home, new garage doors are a fantastic place to start. Adding style while saving money is a claim that not many home improvements can make! For more information on how you can begin the upgrade on your home, contact your local overhead system company today.