Tips For Choosing the Right Replacement For Your Overhead Garage Door

Tips For Choosing the Right Replacement For Your Overhead Garage Door

For whatever reason, sometime in the life of every homeowner there comes a time when an overhead garage door needs to be replaced. I was only a small child when my parents were faced with this dilemma, because my absent-minded uncle forgot to put his idling car into park, and it cruised through our overhead door. While that reason may be a bit extreme, weather and use can play havoc with any door, and styles do change. Whether you’re needing a replacement because of wear or just because you want to update and increase the curb appeal of your home, you’ll need some helping in sorting through the different styles.

Start by measuring the size of your door opening. Measuring the existing door will also work. Many styles of doors come in only standard sizes, so be aware that if you need a special size, you may have to have a door custom-made to fit your opening. Knowing the size will help you decide where you will need to shop in order to get what you need.

Garage doors make up a large section of the front of and can be a focal point for most homes, so it’s important to find a door that’s going to complement the look of your home. Some of the different styles you can choose from include:

1. Flush panels – the panels on this type of door are flat except for slight texturing and will look nice without taking away from other features of your home that you are wanting to highlight.

2. Raised panels – you can select from either short or long raised panels which will add depth to the look of the door. Some of the home styles that short-panel doors will complement include gingerbread-decorated Victorians, colonial homes, or houses with Tudor styling. Long panels, on the other hand, will give distinction, depth, and curb appeal to almost any home.

3. Window panels – selecting a door with windows can add your own unique taste to your overhead door. When choosing a door with windows, make sure the glass is at least double-paned in order to allow light in and to keep heat and cold out.

4. Painted panels – you can add more pop to any raised-panel door by painting either the high part of the panel or the sloping portion with a color that will match or complement your home.

The material your door is made from is also an important decision. Most people select doors constructed from either traditional wood or steel. Wooden doors offer distinctive style, but they require more upkeep in order for them to stay looking nice. Steel is often the best choice for maintenance-free durability.