The Energy Tax Credit for a Garage Door

The Energy Tax Credit for a Garage Door

According to the ‘American Recovery Act of 2009’, the citizens of America were given the opportunity to have the energy efficient improvements to homes with some extra ‘greenbacks’ having during tax time. And the news of pleasure is that this opportunity is applicable to the garage doors.

People are trying hard to have about $200 to $300 out of tax to their pocket. Unfortunately, this is really tough and sometimes almost impossible to get. But do you know you can get ‘up to $1,500’ back?

Yes, it is possible. You can get it. The garage door companies are offering such tax credit back for their some expensive products. If you buy one, you will get the maximum credit back from the government tax.

But do not rush in this matter. Have some time and think. This article will give you your required advises. Just listen first. They will help you to get your offer quite simply.

I will give you six important steps below. Read them carefully. You will have to find the most qualified companies for this purpose. Then step ahead. Remember, saving this article is very important for your chances.

Get yourself ready for purchasing a garage door. When the salesman shows you a model of the door, open this article and check if the model is compatible with the credit back. If it is, think about your next step.

One thing is very important. Try to have the ‘Manufacturer’s Signed Certificate’ for your qualified company record. This you can do from your list. You will see the link with copy of the ‘Manufacturer’s Signed Certificate’ in your list. Just find out the name of your purchasing door’s company and click on the link of ‘Signed Certificate’ and print it.

Now have your checklist for your main purpose.

First, ensure that you should install the door in an insulated garage. That means in a conditioned space.

Second, the door has to be a part of your principle residence. It should not be other independent part.

Third, air infiltration purpose must be carried out by the door perimeter. The perimeter must have a means for it.

Fourth, the installation years of the door should be 2006,2007,2008,2009 and 2010.

Fifth, this garage door has to be expected to last long; at least five years.

And the last part of the checklist is that the U-factor of the door should be less than or equal to 0.30.