Storage Options For The Home

Storage Options For The Home

Room dividers are excellent for creating extra space through room partitions and can come in a number of finishes, including mirrored, red, white, black and glass. Split-panel room dividers are also available and create a modern touch to any room.

There are a number of uses for room dividers, for example you could turn a large living area into a lounge and a bedroom or create a walk in wardrobe off a bedroom. You could also use room dividers to create extra rooms and privacy in a studio apartment. An excellent choice for the student room that has limited space.

If the size of your room is greater than that of the aperture of the room divider, you would have to build a bulkhead or use timber to reduce the aperture.

Sliding wardrobe doors are a great addition to a bedroom where not much space is available. Sliding wardrobe doors usually come in a range of materials; mirror, soft white glass, black glass, oak effect and sandblasted glass.

Some sliding wardrobe doors are split-panel, with the panels in three sections – top, middle and bottom – you can choose a different material for each. Black glass in the bottom and top panels and soft white glass in the centre panel makes really nice sliding wardrobe doors.

Freestanding wardrobes are cost-effective when built in wardrobes are not available. They often come flat packed and are available in a number of finishes such as Woodgrain, White, Black and Silver. Doors and panels can come in a multitude of colours and materials such as safety glass, woodgrain, specialty glass with patterns and mirror.

They are probably the most popular choice when it comes to wardrobes and if you have the space in your room they are definitely the best choice. The range of designs, styles and the space you get with them is unrivalled.

Freestanding wardrobes do not have to be square, L-shaped free standing systems are also available which are designed to go into a corner. They also come in a number of finishes, including glass and woodgrain.

There are also a number of storage systems available for finding and utilising hidden space. With frames and racks that are perfect for storing clothing and shoes, they are the perfect accompaniment to be hidden by some sliding wardrobe doors.

So this Winter you don’t have to pack away all your summer clothes and through them up in the loft again, why not look into a more accessible storage solution.