Mistake Setting Bedroom Narrow

November 22, 2017

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Comfortable bedroom does not necessarily have a large space. Indeed, spacious rooms will make it easier for you to put all your stuff without the hassle or confusion, but that does not mean your small room cannot be more comfortable.


A narrow room can sometimes be a source of trouble in your day. Most people feel more comfortable if staying in a spacious room. So that we will not feel crowded or we can freely put all the goods or furniture that we need in the room. The problem is, not everyone is so lucky to live in a big house.

If restoring or renovating your room becomes larger, the teenager is not possible. Another solution you can try is to rearrange your room. Most people, sometimes still wrong in arranging the bedroom. Because of the wrong arrangement, the room should feel comfortable to be narrow, stuffy and boring.

But apparently, in addition to arranging the wrong item, it turns out there are some other mistakes that make the narrow bedroom to be uncomfortable. Here is a list of mistakes in arranging a narrow bedroom!

List of mistakes In Arranging Narrow Bedroom That Makes Bedroom So Not Comfortable

1. Purchase of Furniture

The first thing you should notice is the purchase of furniture. Avoid buying a set of furniture for your bedroom. A set of bed, nightstand, cupboard, glass, and sofa in the bedroom will form uniformity. This is not to maintain consistency in the bedroom, just boring. So instead of buying furniture set, or at the same time you should take the time to look around and look for furniture or furniture that you like. Because the bedroom is a room where we will spend a lot of time, it’s good we fill it with furniture that we like.

2. Too Many Pillows Display

The second mistake is buying too much and displaying a pillow in the bedroom. This is the biggest mistake. Too much work to do twice a day (move and put back pillows), and look messy.

3. Lack of Lighting

The third mistake is the lack of lighting. The bedroom is a place to rest. However, you should also be able to read a book before bed, or after waking up at the end of the week. At least, provide two light sources in the bedroom. Putting it on either side of the bed is not a bad idea either. Also add lights for aesthetic purposes. Do not forget, if you have a family, you can invest in reading lights. The goal, if the couple is asleep, you can still read comfortably.

4. Carelessly Buying Mattresses

The fourth mistake is buying any mattress. Mattress is expensive. However, try to count how many times you buy a mattress for all ages. Premium-quality mattresses may be priced at millions of Rupiah. However, if you only buy mattresses every 30 years, why sacrifice your comfort and health by purchasing a low-quality mattress? Remember that a mattress is an investment. Not only for your health, but also the look of the bedroom.

5. Placing Striking Color

The fifth mistake is to experiment with striking colors. Ask yourself. Could you rest comfortably if the walls use fluorescent colors? Striking colors may be able to look beautiful in limited numbers. However, when these colors control the bedroom, the results are not necessarily as good as the concept.

6. Displaying Unusual Art Work

The sixth mistake was to display the artwork with an odd size on the bed. Avoid placing artwork much smaller than the bed. The imbalance can damage the look of your bedroom.

7. Too Much Light

The seventh mistake is too much light. Shortcomings and excess will disrupt your activities in the bedroom. There is no harm in investing in dimmers so you can adjust the lights. In addition, make sure the sun also does not directly “pierce” the eye every morning. Take advantage of simple technology, or even advanced technology to make sure the window enters a sufficient amount of light to keep it from hurting your eyes.

8. Incorporate All Electronic Goods

The last mistake is to put all your electronic entertainment into the room. Television, games (games), mobile phones, tabs, computers, laptop computers, and many other tools will only stimulate your brain. In fact, the bedroom is the ideal location to rest.…

Tips for Staying Home Cool without Air Conditioning

November 22, 2017

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Turning on Air Conditioning or AC at home when the weather is hot is very tempting. But sometimes you will get dizzy with increased electricity bills because too often turn on air conditioning at home.


If you want to feel the cold air though no air conditioning. Here are tips for you.

Use the Curtain on the Home Window

Notice where your windows are. make sure to close your windows shut during the day to keep the humidity inside the house and open it at night for natural ventilation. If your window is exposed to direct sunlight then you can outsmart by pairing the curtains with bamboo shades that will make the atmosphere cooler.

Opening Window at Night

In the summer season usually, the temperature at night becomes lower. If you feel hot, you can open the window before bed so that cold air from outside can enter the house and your room. But make sure your window is fitted with a trellis to keep it safe. Do not forget to close the window before you actually sleep.

Direction Fan Round

Do you know by arranging the fan counterclockwise? At higher speeds, it can make the airflow from the fan produce a cool wind effect that will make you feel cooler.

Focus on Temperature in Body, not Temperature House

If the former people can survive in the summer without AC why do not you?

The trick is easy, you can make a glass of fresh and cold drink or attach cold water to the body parts such as the neck or wrist. Use also thin clothes and absorb sweat so that your body temperature remains in a comfortable condition.

Turn on the Fan in your kitchen

The purpose of turning on the fan in the kitchen is to expel out the hot air from the cooking process in the kitchen. Hot air that spins indoors makes the house temperature to ‘warm’.

Planting Trees around the House

Trees that are around the house are very helpful to make the temperature around your house becomes cooler and shadier. The trees will also protect your home from exposure to direct sunlight to avoid entering your home.

Better yet, if you have some ornamental plants in the house to help refresh your home air.

Avoid Using Incandescent Lamps

Avoid using incandescent bulbs. 90 percent of the incandescent light comes from the heat energy they emit. Of course, by turning on this type of light will make the indoor temperature becomes hotter.

Turn off Unused Electronic Equipment

Turn off the computer, lights, television, and other electronic equipment that you are not using. Current electronic equipment also emits a hot temperature. Therefore, to keep your house cool you must minimize the use of electronic equipment.

House Paint with Shade Color

Painting the house using shady colors like green leaves is also very helpful to provide a cooling effect in the house. Avoid using colored paints in the dry/hot season.…