Tips and How to Stop Natural Eyelashes

Tight eyelashes, in addition to looking beautiful also makes the eyes look wider and interesting. Unfortunately, not all ladies are born with long, lapping eyelashes.

Too often clamp the eyelashes and how to remove the lashes that are not correct lashes, can make the lashes fall out. Eyelash curling medications are also at risk if exposed to the eye. The natural way is best. Here are curling tips eyelashes naturally.

Clean the Eyelashes

Substance maker, as well as glue lashes left behind, can have a bad effect if not cleaned properly. For that, you should get used to clean the eyelashes of substances that can damage the lashes ladies before sleep. Clean the eyelashes using a mascara purifier toner so that the remnants of mascara can be completely lost.

Consumption of Vitamin E

Vitamin E can stimulate hair growth, including ladies eyelashes. Also, make lashes look healthy and shiny. In addition, vitamin E is also very good for ladies skin. For that, you should make sure the consumption of vitamin E ladies in accordance with the needs of the ladies body; which is about 7 mg per day. Ladies can get vitamin E from nuts, beans, bananas, strawberries, or sunflower seeds.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is rich in vitamin E that is used for to spare and lengthening the eyelashes. With the application of oil regularly, the ladies eyelashes can look tap. The way is quite easy, just drop the olive oil on the fingers of the ladies and then apply on the lashes. Wait until the oil dries, then wash with cold water.

Castor Oil

Castor Oil is known for its health benefits, but it also has the benefit of treating and curling ladies eyelashes. How to use it is to spread it evenly on the ladies eyelash before bed, then rinse when the ladies wake up in the morning.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has been known for its usefulness to make hair look thick and healthy shiny. Application of aloe vera on the lashes can provide the same benefits. To use it, strolled her with betel leaves will be better. Take the betel leaf, then dip into the gel/mucus aloe vera. Apply gel aloe vera evenly on your lashes. The result will be faster visible if you use it every day.


The benefits of honey very much, ladies can use honey as a face mask for facial skin becomes moist and bright. Honey can also help the ladies to curl the lashes. But choose quality, honey. To use it, ladies simply apply it evenly on the lashes, then let stand about 30 minutes. After that rinse with cold water.

Coconut Water

Coconut water serves as neutralizing toxins in the body, containing isotonic that can replace the body ions, also strengthens hair and ladies eyelashes. In choosing coconut water, choose water from the green coconut that has more nutrients. In addition to drinking, application of coconut water to strengthen eyelashes can ladies do by smearing it on the eyelashes at night before ladies sleep.


Oil from the ingredients of this spice is used to thicken and make hair including ladies eyelashes look more black. Ladies can get hazelnut oil by buying instant candlenut oil or make your own by pounding hazelnut then taking the oil. Apply the hazelnut oil evenly on the lashes of the ladies, and rinse it in the morning.

Green Tea

Green tea that has a high antioxidant content, is also used to make ladies eyelashes become more fertile and bushy. To use it, brew green tea powder with a little hot water to form pasta dough. Then paste the dough using cotton on the lashes. Also paste the cotton, so that the paste is quite a lot and not splattered. Let stand for 15 minutes.

Pure Milk

Pure milk contains many important minerals and proteins and vitamins that can stimulate hair growth and ladies eyelashes. Use extra unsweetened pure milk. To use it, shake milk until foaming, then apply evenly on the lashes. After that let stand a few minutes until milk mongering, just rinse back with cold water.

Eye Bags Can Reduce the Beauty of Women

Having panda eyes or also known as bags of black and large eyes will certainly make our appearance feels less attractive, especially if you are a woman. Panda’s eye is not really a serious and dangerous health problem. But the presence of eye bags can be a sign that the body lacks rest time that can cause problems in the body, for example, you will feel more tired, could be a sign of low blood pressure. Although many have experienced panda eyes, still rarely apply tips on removing eye bags quickly. Usually, many who just let, anyway also lost itself. And usually many women use makeup to disguise panda eyes.

There are several factors that are suspected as the cause of the emergence of eye bags. But one of the most frequent and most common factors we encounter is lack of sleep. A person who often suffers from lack of sleep, according to experts will have more melanin hormone. This hormone is the cause of the emergence of panda eyes. In addition, there are some causes of eye bags, including crying, age factor, too tired, anemia, dehydration, sun exposure, alcohol, smoking and use of make is too thick.

Next, we will try to answer the question how to eliminate eye bags naturally and quickly ?. Actually a lot of ways to overcome the eye bags that you can practice. Such as beauty treatments in the salon or using beauty products. But there are alternative ways to overcome the eyes of pandas naturally using the materials around us. Like cucumbers, ice cubes, and potatoes. How to remove black eye bags with these materials is also very easy, in terms of price is also very cheap. Although the way panda eye over this long, the results no doubt. How To Eliminate Natural Panda Eye

Mask Potatoes for Eye Bags

One of the benefits of potato masks in the world of beauty is to be used to whiten and tighten the skin. The use of potato mask on the face will not only eliminate panda eyes but also fine wrinkles on the face.

Peel 1 piece of potato then puree
Use a washcloth to wrap a mask of potatoes
Paste the washcloth on the area around the eye
Leave on for 20 minutes, do it before bed and during the morning

  1. Compress with tea bags

This method is actually very easy and cheap. But many people who do not know the efficacy of tea masks for skin care. Tea contains a tannin substance that is useful to shrink pores and tighten the skin naturally.

Prepare two free tea bags
Dip a tea bag on ice water
Use a tea bag to cover the eye area and leave for 20 minutes
5. Cucumber slices

Cucumber fruit is a fruit that contains a lot of water. The way this one must have been widely practiced. And indeed has proven its efficacy to eliminate panda eyes.

Cut the round cucumber, try not too thick and not too thin
Stick the cucumber slices on the eyes, most comfortable with the sleeping position
Allow for 30 minutes to refresh the eye

  1. Tomato Slices

Not just cucumbers that we can use to eliminate panda eyes. How to remove eye bags with tomatoes is also as easy as cucumbers.

Cut the prepared tomatoes
Then attach it to the eye area.
Allow for 30 minutes for the cool sensation of the cucumber to refresh the eye and relieve the black bruise of the eye sac.

How to Fastens Skin Face Naturally Quickly

Lots of people who want to keep fastens skin tight despite the age continues to grow. Now much-emerging skin care with the help of drugs or medical action. Even so, many who prefer to tighten the skin naturally, because in addition to more easily the cost is also quite affordable.

The skin will continue to develop as long as someone is alive, only the regeneration capacity decreases with age. Conditions like this that causes facial skin to be loose, accompanied by the appearance of fine lines around the nose, mouth, cheeks, and eye area. To have a toned skin actually, you do not have to spend a lot of costs. Here are some natural ways to tighten the skin naturally that will make you look more youthful.

White Egg Masks and Lemon can Tighten The Fastens Skin

Egg white has a high protein content that can trigger the production of collagen in the skin. While lemon, he is famous for its vitamin C content that can remove dead skin cells cause wrinkles. Combine the two to get the natural toned skin.

Banana Mask

In addition to having a good taste, some types of fruit such as bananas are also very powerful to tighten facial skin. This unique Indonesian fruit is enriched with vitamin E, vitamin C, potassium, and antioxidants that are good to support skin rejuvenation.

Drink Plenty of Water and Fresh Juice

Skin tightening is not enough just from the outside only. You can drink more water to optimize the formation of collagen from the body. Try in a day you can consume at least 8-10 glasses of water (mineral), more much better.

Exercise Regularly

Exercise is not only used to burn fat and tighten the muscles, but your skin will also be more toned naturally. Actually, all sports are good for skin tightening.

How, interested in trying it? You should still be careful when using the above natural ingredients, especially if you have the possibility of allergies. A few reviews on how to tighten the skin naturally.

Foods That Make Your Skin Glow At All Days

Which girl does not want have bright skin glow? Not just girls, boys also want it. Sometimes to get such bright skins the various ways they do. Ranging from white injections to plastic surgery that must be dangerous in the long run.

Did you know, if maintaining skin health can also be through the food we consume you know? Especially for fresh foods such as fruits and vegetables that contain many vitamins needed skin. Here we have summarized natural skin lightening foods that you can consume. Foods That Make Your Skin glow On All Days

Berry Fruit Can Whiten Skin Glow

Fruit berry families such as strawberries, blueberries, and raspberry contain high antioxidants and vitamin C which is useful to protect the skin from the sun and premature aging. Malic acid found in strawberries is a natural bleach agent. The effect is felt on the skin is fresh, tight, and youthful. You can eat the fruits directly or make them juice.


Orange is rich in vitamin C which is used to brighten the skin which girl does not want to have bright skin glow? Not just girls, boys also want it. Sometimes to get such bright skins the various ways they do. Ranging from. Nutrients contained therein can brighten the scars, hydrate the skin, and maintain skin elasticity from within. Try to consume unspoiled oranges instead of packs that have gone through several processes to lose their original nutrients. In addition to orange fruit, you can also consume lemon and lemon by brewing and drink it every morning.


Apple is famous for its antioxidant content that can minimize the effects of early use such as wrinkles. But in addition, apples also contain vitamin C that can make our skin more elastic. Eating apples regularly every day will keep the skin clean and youthful. Even according to research, the nutritional content in this apple can keep the skin from the bad effects of free radicals.


Broccoli into the ranks of vegetables with high vitamin C content. in 100 grams of broccoli there is 89.2 mg of vitamin C. As well as other vitamin C foods, broccoli can keep the skin from the harmful effects of free radicals that have the potential to damage cell DNA.


Tomatoes that we usually find in vegetables, salads, and vegetables turned out to have extraordinary benefits in brightening natural skin. In addition, tomatoes also contain lycopene which is useful as an antioxidant antidote to free radicals and blood circulation, so skin is brighter.

Papaya fruit

All must have known with the fruit of a million people. Papaya has skin whitening compounds such as papain and alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that may brighten the skin to reduce pigmentation, improve skin texture, and maintaining pH balance.

In addition, papaya can also lift and remove dead skin cells when we use directly to the skin. Just like any other fruit, you can eat papaya directly to get the benefits.


Avocado can be said to be a fruit rich in benefits. In one avocado contained about 4.2 mg of vitamin E and 12 mg of vitamin C. That means if you eat one avocado already get two vitamins that are needed skin at once.

Avocados contain not only vitamins. Other nutrients from this fruit is a natural fat that is used to keep skin moisture from the inside. So it is very fitting for the tropics that we usually have dry skin.…