The Evolution Of Wardrobe Closet Armoires

The Evolution Of Wardrobe Closet Armoires

Many have called their closet a wardrobe armoire but with much research it has been found out that a wardrobe and an armoire are actually one in the same. The armoire is French for wardrobe and is a stand alone closet cabinet with shelves that is utilized for storing clothing.

Historically, wardrobe armoires or closets were designed for royalty and fitted with two doors that closet like a cabinet. It has been documented that these closets were used to store weapons in the past. It does seem appropriate to hear it termed an armoire considering arms or weapons were the need. But the thought that each were carved and hand made, therefore unique in their own right, to store weapons is beyond some people’s understanding.

As time passed by, the use of the wardrobe closet armoire changed and was eventually used to store other things like food and clothing. Since the wardrobe armoires consist primarily of many shelves, they are used for a variety of storage options. It can be used for storing linens, blankets and towels. Some people also use it for keeping kitchen wares, books and for storing their media collections. There are also TV armoires that are used to place home theatres with the TV and DVR, for example.

These closets are good home decorating solutions as well. The handmade doors are very unique and are appealing to look at. It will also add a vintage look in the room you are using. Some wardrobe closets that dates back from the 16th century are still available in antique stores. Buying one will be a good deal and a good investment as well.

Nowadays, there are a lot of wardrobe closet armoires available to choose from on the market. The designs are in varying shapes and some are still hand crafted though the design is not as traditional looking as before. It is also made in different wood types, not just oak, and available in wicker and rattan too.