Some Space Saving Ideas for Bedroom Spaces

Some Space Saving Ideas for Bedroom Spaces

Here are some space saving ideas for bedroom areas. Sometimes, our bedrooms become junk depositories. So, the first step might be to clean out the junk.

Doctors advise insomniacs to use their bedrooms only for sleeping, although for couples another activity is allowed. But, many of our bedrooms are multi-purpose rooms. They serve as home offices, entertainment and work out centers.

Your room might be more like a one-room apartment than anything else. If you have other rooms in your house that can be used for some purposes, it will help with organization, which in turn will create more area for you to work with. But, let’s get back to that first step of cleaning out the junk.

Organizational experts recommend going through your wardrobes and drawers on a regular basis. We tend to accumulate a lot of clothing as the years go by. Outfits go out of style. Jeans become ripped to the point where they are unwearable.

Yet, many of us have difficulty throwing out dated or torn clothing. We think we might have time to sew up a rip or that the outfits might come back into style. Even though styles do sometimes come around, fabrics cannot survive for decades. They become worn or dry-rotted just hanging in a wardrobe.

That’s why one of the first of the expert recommended space saving ideas for bedroom areas is always to go through your clothing. Look at each item for wear and tear.

In order to figure out whether or not the item is still in style, try to remember the last time you wore it. If it has been more than a year, it is probably out of style.

Keeping clothes that no longer fit is another bad idea. Those items are just taking up space in your wardrobe. As a rule of thumb, you should throw out or donate any item that you have not worn in over a year.

One of the best space saving ideas for bedroom areas is to replace any of the doors that you have with sliders. Sliding doors provide several advantages. First, there is no need to allow extra room for a hinged door to open. There’s your space-savings.

Sliding doors also look neater. It is relatively easy to replace an existing wardrobe door with a slider. Even the bedroom’s door can be replaced with one that slides. The instructions for completing that kind of project are simple and relatively easy to follow.

There are dozens of other space saving ideas for bedroom areas. In all cases, the first three steps should be to move out non-essential items, go through the clothing and look at your doors.