Small Garage Plans – A Welcome Addition to Our Home

Small Garage Plans – A Welcome Addition to Our Home

We moved into our house 1 year ago and it was the perfect house for my husband, myself and our two sons. However, we soon realized that a garage would be a very needed addition to the house, not only for our cars to be kept out of the weather, but also for my husband to have a work place as well as storage. So my husband went online to look for small garage plans to build the garage himself.

It would have been very costly to hire someone to build the garage, and we really could not afford it. Even though my husband had never built anything but a small work bench before, he soon found the perfect set of plans with all the instructions he needed to build the garage. It was made very simple as it provided all the dimensions, the materials, all the supplies he needed. Everything was laid out step by step with blueprints and diagrams, so you could not go wrong.

So he went to work on the garage and with the help of his friend and neighbor it took them two months of work during weekends. The garage came out great and we were all impressed at the quality job they did simply by following a set of plans.

Now we not only have a two car garage, but my husband really enjoys having his work area in the garage. We also store the kids’ bicycles and games out of the weather, as well as the lawn equipment.

With the help of the small garage plans my husband and I were able to choose the perfect garage for us. It really made a lot of difference to make this addition which provides a lot of comfort to us, and added to the value of our home as well.