Tips to Overcome Bleeding Gums

You can use bleeding gums medicines from natural ingredient that are easy to find around us. So you can quickly handle it when experiencing bleeding gums. Bleeding gums is one of the problems of oral health that should not be underestimated. Therefore, disorders of the gums not only cause local impact but also systemic. The perceived local impact is usually a pain around the gum area that has to bleed. Pain can arise at any time and certainly disturb your comfort.

Bleeding Gums

If you have bleeding gums, you should immediately overcome. Because if not handled soon will cause an infection that is getting worse. The earliest step you can take to overcome the bleeding gums is to stop the bleeding. The trick is to make emphasis on the gums that bleed using a clean cloth. Or for more optimal results, you can also use the small ice cubes inserted in the cloth used to suppress the gums. After the bleeding stops, you can take a treatment step. To treat bleeding gums, you can use various options of the following bleeding gum medicines:

Betel Leaf is Good for Bleeding Gums

Betel leaf is known as a plant that has a natural antiseptic substance so powerful to be used as a bleeding gum medicine. The trick is to prepare approximately five pieces of betel leaves are still fresh then washed until clean. Then boil the betel leaves with 2 glasses of water in a covered pan until boiling. After that let stand a few moments so cool. Then use the betel leaf potion to rinse and do 2 times a day for bloody gums that you experience immediately healed.

 Leaf Distance

In urban areas you may be a bit difficult to get this one leaf, but in the suburbs or in the countryside this plant is quite easy to find. Leaf distance was also an effective bleed gum medication. The trick is to take some leaflets distance, clean, then boil until boiling and take water. For a more optimal result, add enough whiting. After that use the split leaf potion and whiting it to rinse.

Lemon Water

Lemon is one of the fruits that are rich in vitamin C so suitable for use as a gum bleeding drug. How to make that is prepare half of lemon, then squeeze for water taken. Add the lemon juice to 1 cup warm water. Use lemon juice to rinse for a while and do it regularly.


The next bleeding gum drug is by using a squash. Plants are delicious made for this vegetable was also used to treat bleeding gums. The trick is to prepare one piece of squash, wash it clean, cut into pieces, then put in 2 cups water and cook until boiling. After that strain to get the water and add the original honey sufficiently to increase the efficacy of the herb. Use a herb of squash and honey to gargle-gargle for bleeding gums immediately healed.

Clove Oil

Cloves are a useful medicinal plant to cure some diseases, including to treat swollen or bleeding gums because they contain anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, antioxidant, and natural anesthetics. How to treat swollen and bleeding gums using clove oil is to grab cloves sufficiently then pounded until smooth. Add enough olive oil to increase the efficacy of the herb. Then apply the ingredients to the gums that are bleeding. To apply this herb on the gums, of course h