Tips Fix the Same Boyfriend After a Fight

The name of a relationship certainly cannot always run smoothly. There will always be pebbles or boulders that make the relationship shaky, like a fight for example.

If you have a small fight with a boyfriend it may not be a big deal, because the atmosphere will improve in no time. But if you and your girlfriend have a big fight. Until you have not been in contact for weeks or months, that’s a danger. To be able to make up, of course, there must be a reluctant party. The following tips are the same with the girlfriend who has been fighting


The first step in how to get the same girlfriend is to introspect yourself. Approximately what is your fault? Why your girlfriend can be so angry with you, understand your partner’s feelings. Think of them when your head is cold to keep emotions away.

Apologize Honestly

If you are ready to apologize, then do it honestly. Sometimes people like to look for reasons to look no wrong. For example, such as blaming objects when it comes too late, or blame to fall asleep when forgetting to keep the promise.

Show Regret

Confused why the boyfriend has not received your apology. Yet you have repeatedly said it? Maybe you are not sincere enough to do it. You have to show it to your girlfriend. You’re really sorry. You can tell your girlfriend that you are ready to take risks for your actions that make her angry. It aims to show that you feel sorry.

Not Repeating Mistakes

When apologizing, you must promise not to repeat the mistakes you have made. By apologizing, you mean already understand what your fault is. Regret your deeds, and promise to repair yourself so that the error does not happen again

To the Point

When you are discussing your problem with the boyfriend. Then talk about it. Do not let your problems and he gets slipped everywhere and increasingly unclear.