5 Simple Tips in running Forex

We often hear that 95% of Traders fail in forex business. It does have a point. But as the number of training and knowledge about forex business, you also can be successful from this forex trading for more details please click. Here are some 5 simple tips you can do before actually plunge in the world of forex trading.

Experiment With Account Demo

All beginner traders know this, but there are so many who are reluctant to do it. When you are new to forex, or when you are trying some trading strategies, you should always use the account demo. And while some of these exeperiments produce something positive to the demo account, then you can start trying it in real account.

Invest in Small Funds First

Investing in forex trading is very difficult, most traders end up after they lose and lose a large amount. therefore you should learn more about forex in trade gbp

You have to acknowledge that fact. So when you start to open and try trading using a real account, start investing from a small fund where you are ready if the fund is loss. Never use savings funds such as funding for children’s education, health funding, principal need fund let alone loan funds.

Always Use Stop Loss

The Forex market is always moving fast and high volatily. When the price moves according to your analysis, it will certainly be very profitable. But what if the opposite? Certainly can make the funds in your account lose and reduce a lot. In forex trading there is a feature where you can minimize any risk. Stop Loss. Yes, always use stop loss every time you open position.

Never Trading More Than 5% Of Total Margin

Any open position in forex certainly brings the potential benefits doubled, but what if it turns out the position is losing money? Every trader has different trading history.

Sometimes 2 or 3 entry he loss in a row, and sometimes more than 10 positions he loss. One way to keep your margin funds safe is to always set the risk of each entry position to be opened.

Creating a Trading Journal

The good thing about trading is not to stop learning from mistakes. That’s why you should create a trading journal in the portfolio.

You can find out where the error that made you lose, the potentials that have the opportunity to generate profit. In this way you can review your trading performance at least every weekend. Creating a trading plan or trading plan for the next week will make you a better trading person.…

4 Money Management tips in Forex

Money management is a thing of the forex trading. Proper money management will bring your forex trading to the target faster and safer as well as fxtrade777.com.  but still, many who do not practice it in trading even see a lot of eyes. Therefore many traders who have for many years trading forex but still not get the appropriate results. Here’s what to do in Money management

Understand Money Management

You must understand what it is money management forex trading. The importance of this factor, and the risk if not done. If you practice from the beginning with discipline, you will most likely go forward. Conversely, if not, you can be spinning and not reach the goal and even suffered a significant total loss.

How to Calculate Money Management Trading

Learn how to calculate good money management trading. We provide basic materials that you can learn such as; position sizing, risk per trade, risk-reward ratio, compounding, and so forth. It also prepares some basic models of capital settings that you can apply.


Discipline, together with money management holds a very important role in forex trading. You are required to execute the trading plan, use the trading system. And run money management plan with discipline. In the practice of trading later, chances are you will be interested to get big profits multiply quickly. Especially if your mindset still think that forex trading is a quick way to get rich. This can be minimized from the beginning by implementing a strict discipline.


Apply money management forex that you arrange in the discipline. Make sure you do this from the beginning. This seems cliche and maybe you do not take it seriously. However, most traders fail because of the absence of money management practices and discipline, not because of trading systems, indicators or the like.

That’s the tips from us, for more information please visit tradex1.com. Good luck