Tips and How to Maintain Respiratory Health

Germs can attack our respiratory tract so we get sick, diseases that attack the respiratory tract include influenza, bronchitis, pneumonia or pneumonia, and pulmonary tuberculosis. The mode of transmission is when people or people a cough and sneeze, germs will be thrown into the air, at this time other healthy people will be infected with this germ if he breathed air containing these germs. Then is there any way we can do to maintain and maintain health on the breathing apparatus? The following will describe some effective ways of maintaining health in the human respirator.


In order for our health to stay well, we need to do a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle can improve health also on our breathing apparatus, here is a healthy lifestyle that can improve the health of human respiratory equipment.

Eat Nutritious Foods

Nutritious food can increase endurance. By consuming nutritious foods then the body is not susceptible to disease. For example, if the eating pattern is healthy and regular, you are not easy to catch influenza.

Exercise Regularly

Our body needs enough oxygen to burn the juice of the food in the body. By exercising the respiratory process can be smoothly due to proper breathing exercises. Good sports for respiratory health include athletics, gymnastics, and swimming.

Regular Breaks

Our body also requires an adequate rest time. In children resting in sleep is the best time for growth and recovery. However, rest does not need too much because body activities such as playing and exercising are also necessary for the health of respiratory equipment. We need an average of 8-9 hours of sleep each day.

Keeping Clean

Maintaining cleanliness both personal and environmental hygiene is a key requirement in maintaining health. Personal hygiene can be started by washing hands after completion of the activity. While the cleanliness of the environment can start from our room. Make sure the room there is good air circulation. humid room air and stuffy is not good for the health of breathing apparatus. germs easily multiply in these conditions. Make sure also the room always gets sunshine every day because some types of germs can die because of heat and sunlight.

Obesity is Over the Limit? Avoid Eating the Following

Obesity becomes one disease or disorder that is avoided by everyone. Not only worsen the body shape, obesity can cause physical conditions that are not good. The buildup of fat in the body can lead to other diseases, such as heart disease, hypertension, and reproductive problems for men. The following are causes of obesity.


Skip Breakfast Habits

Maybe you often assume skipping breakfast can help save calories to reduce weight. However, the habit is not true. Generally, many people often skip breakfast and eat less nutritious foods. This is what tends to increase weight. A good breakfast is to consume foods that contain carbohydrates, fiber, and amino acids.

Late Breakfast

Regularity in breakfast is important. The reason, when waking up, the body needs energy sources for the main organs to function normally. In addition, the condition of your stomach when waking up is empty, so this leads to the separation of acidic liquids. This is what can cause inflammation. Therefore, you’ll want to enjoy breakfast maximum of one hour after waking up. In addition, during breakfast, you can enjoy healthy drinks, such as warm tea mixed with a little lemon juice. Such drinking habits can keep you from obesity.

Eating Processed Foods

Sausage and Processed Meat Declared As Cause of Cancer. For those of you who have a busy schedule, cooking food becomes a difficult thing to do. As a result, you often eat processed foods. In addition to practical, generally processed foods have a more delicious flavor. However, processed foods contain chemicals, sugars, calories and fats that can cause obesity. Therefore, you should replace processed foods with fruits, vegetables or natural yogurt.

Sleeping Too Much

When you fall asleep, the metabolic process rests. The normal time to rest is seven to nine hours per day. When more than that, the metabolic process was disrupted, and you will experience weight gain.

Lack of Drinking Mineral Water

Although impressed unrelated, hydration in the body plays an important role in metabolism. The process of burning fat is actually helped by the water you consume.

Therefore, you should start the day by drinking a glass of warm water with lemon juice. After that, continue drinking at least three to four glasses of water in the morning.…

Six Healthful Foods That can Cure Virus Infections

The virus is everywhere and can attack anyone. Therefore, it is important to always maintain a healthy body. However, if the body has already attacked the virus and cause infection, what can be said? Going to a doctor can be an alternative to handle it, but did you know that there is some healthy food that can help fight viral infections?


Viral infections are common in the form of respiratory infections, eyes, ears, digestion, and so on. One way to overcome the infection is to increase the immune system so strong against viruses. Healthy foods that can help strengthen the body to be able and resistant to the onslaught of viruses include:

Yogurt is Able to Cure Virus

The results of this milk fermentation contain good bacteria called probiotics. The content of bacteria in yogurt can treat the infection. This will occur when there is an imbalance between good bacteria and harmful to the body.


Many health problems that can be overcome by eating fish such as salmon. How come? Salmon contains many omega-3 acids that play an active role in increasing endurance, counteract viruses and bad bacteria, and prevent inflammation. Eating healthy foods not only makes the body fight the virus but also overcome stress.

Sweet Potatoes

The steamed course has made the kids like this healthy food, especially if Mama creative process. The result is not only enjoyable to enjoy, but the content in it is also good for the health of the child’s body and other family members. Sweet potatoes contain lots of vitamin A which improves skin health, the outer body parts that keep the body as a whole. With vitamin A, the skin can immediately ‘fortify itself’ from viruses that stick to its surface.


Of so many fruits that provide health benefits, kiwi is one of the most influential when the body was stricken with flu viruses, colds, coughs, and so forth. When the body has shown symptoms of flu, kiwi fruit can immediately stop the symptoms. This is caused by vitamins and minerals in this healthy diet that works to build immunity so strong against and kill the virus work.


Instead of choosing other unhealthy foods, it’s better to eat peanuts as a snack when Mama has a viral infection. The content of vitamin E in nuts serves as an antioxidant that can overcome respiratory infections.


Consuming too much beef can be harmful to health, but consuming it in sufficient doses can improve health. This healthy food contains lots of protein and zinc which is very important for cell formation and increases endurance.

The six healthy foods above certainly not hard to get, right? Immediately add these foods to the daily family menu to prevent the onset of infection and speed healing when exposed to the virus!…

Three Benefits of Snake Fruit Skin for Body Health

Snake fruit is very easy to find. The types are also varied. There is snake which has a sweet and crisp texture, Balinese fruit that has a bit sour and sour taste, to salak sugar with a small size but sweet for mercy. Because it is not foreign anymore, then we all must have eaten the white flesh of this one. Between bacon and bark, we can find the epidermis, a very thin, translucent membrane. It tastes bland and will not reduce the delicacy of the fruit if eaten together. Most importantly, the epidermis has various benefits for the body.


Snake Fruit can Smooth Digestion

This fruit bark is said to have a high fiber. With fiber, the digestive process in the body will become better and smoother. The epidermis will also prevent us from experiencing constipation after eating bark. The epidermis will work smooth the intestine when we consume it.

Healthy Eyes

Snake bark also has a high beta-carotene content, just like the fruit. Based on the Ministry of Health’s Food and Nutrition Research Center, in 100 grams of snake contained beta-carotene 5.5 times higher than mango and three times higher than guava. Beta-carotene is a useful nutrient to maintain eye health. So fruit and epidermis can be a healthy solution for the eyes besides the famous carrot.

Heals Thrush

In addition to high, bark also high vitamin C. This vitamin C content will reduce our chances of canker sores or even cure. To get the perfect vitamin C content, it helps us to eat snake with the skin.

Therefore, do not again remove the epidermis when will consume snake.  If there is dirt from the skin attached to the epidermis, just throw away the dirty part, not entirely. In this way, we will be able to get the perfect nutrition from the bark.…

Tips for Improving Body Resistance

Dense routines and limited time can cause body resistance to decrease, you know. Especially if not accompanied by eating healthy food and drink plenty of water.


Do not let Moms even neglect health because the workload is too heavy. Keep in mind, for optimal work, Moms build must always be fit to focus and concentration Moms awake. For that, do also seven things below to improve endurance Moms body every day.

Latex can lower Body Resistance

Not eating and late eating is different, but it still affects the health that eventually will lower the resistance of the body Moms. When late to eat, the glucose forces in the brain so disturbed within 4-6 hours since the last Moms to eat. Finally, blood sugar Moms so low and cause Moms quickly lethargic, lack of concentration, as well as physical and mental performance decreased. Late eating also causes stomach cramps, dizziness, constipation, or diarrhea.

Do not Stress

When facing a problem, focus on the solution, not to how big the problem. Try to have one day a week in which Moms can release stress and rest completely. Everyone has their own way of releasing their stress, for example, there are enough sleepers all day at home, meeting friends in the cafe, or going to the salon.

Keep Positive

Can not be denied, keep positive thinking is one of the obligatory things done if you want to have better body resistance. Make sure Moms always think positive for Moms always happy. That way, around Moms, will also contribute to this positive energy. Appreciate always every effort that Moms do and do not forget to always take the wisdom behind every incident.

Sleeping Enough

Do not think sleep deprivation is trivial. In fact, lack of sleep can decrease physical endurance and cause Moms can collapse at any time. Bedtime is also very important because, during sleep, the body will renew the body’s cells, rest enough, and fight disease. Rest for 7-9 hours per day for a better immune system.

Take Time to Exercise Each Day

If Moms really do not have time to spend the time to go to the gym, do light exercise that can Moms do at home with the jumping pack or push up several times after waking up. Cardio for 30 minutes per day it will provide a large enough impact on endurance, you know.

Diligent Drinking Water

Lack of fluid will cause the body quickly tired and easily headache that eventually leads to stress. 70% of the body consists of water, for that Moms must be diligent drinking water to help the body to remove toxins and strengthen the immune system. Try drinking water at least eight glasses per day.

Consumption of Antioxidants

Antioxidants are minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients that can help the body fight free radicals. For example, eating lemons that contain vitamin C to help fight bacteria and viruses, increase endurance, and natural detoxification for the body.

Or Moms can also consume garlic that plays very well to fight flu symptoms. Moms can also eat spinach that contains folate to produce new cells and antioxidants for the body.…

Foods That can Lower High Blood

For those of you who suffer from high blood pressure or hypertension, taking medication alone is not enough to be able to lower and control blood pressure. Some people closest to you may recommend some types of foods that can lower high blood pressure. However, is one of the recommended foods listed on this list? To find out, please check more about what foods can lower blood pressure below.

High Blood

Bananas Can Lower High Blood

You may be surprised to hear it. Yes, bananas in addition to cheap, also useful for the health of your blood pressure. This easy-to-find fruit can help you with hypertension for high blood pressure. Why?. High potassium content in bananas can help balance high levels of sodium in the body of people with hypertension so it can help you in lowering blood pressure. You can eat bananas directly or as a friend to eat cereal or yogurt. Better is not it?

Green Vegetables

In addition to bananas, green vegetables such as spinach, kale, green lobes, mustard, and others also contain high potassium. What’s more, green vegetables also contain calcium which is also useful for lowering high blood pressure. Half a cup of cooked spinach is able to provide 12% of the daily calcium requirement of an adult.


Lack of calcium is one factor that can cause high blood pressure. Well, for that, you need to add calcium to your intake. One of the foods rich in calcium is yogurt. About 170 grams of yogurt contains 300 mg of calcium, almost 1/3 of your calcium needs. Sodium content in yogurt is also low, so it is safe for you people with hypertension. In addition, probiotics in yogurt may also help lower high blood pressure, as found in some studies.

Skim Milk

In addition to yogurt, skim milk also contains high calcium that can help you lower blood pressure. In addition, skim milk contains low fat which is also needed in decreasing blood pressure. According to a study published in the Journal of Human Hypertension in 2012, there is a link between low-fat milk consumption and a reduced risk of high blood pressure. Although calcium plays an important role in lowering blood pressure, there may also be other components in milk that also play a role, such as peptide compounds from milk.


Potato is one food that contains potassium and high magnesium. Both of these minerals can lower blood pressure. Potatoes also have the fiber you need. The problem here is the way the potato processing is usually added with salt. The addition of this salt makes potatoes into foods that contain high salt, which can actually increase blood pressure.


Fruit groups of berries, especially blueberries, contain flavonoid compounds. A study shows that this flavonoid can prevent high blood pressure and can also help lower blood pressure. You can add blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries to your yogurt or morning cereal.

Fruit bits

Some studies show that drinking beet juice can lower high blood pressure. One study that proves it comes from a study published in the Nutrition Journal in 2013. This study proved that there was a decrease in systolic blood pressure after six hours of consuming beet juice, especially in male participants.


Oatmeal is a food that contains low sodium, low fat, and high fiber so it can help you in lowering high blood pressure. Breakfast with oatmeal is a great idea as your first meal before going through the day. If you feel the oatmeal taste is too bland, you can add fresh fruit or a little honey.


Certain types of fish, such as trout, have vitamin D content that can help lower your blood pressure. However, that must be considered is how you process the fish. Do you add salt or not? The addition of salt can actually increase…

Dangers of Low Blood Sugar for Body Health

Often hear about high blood diseases and how dangerous to the body. This usually makes those who hear will be the focus to lower their blood sugar, even to become too low. However, did you know that the effect of low blood sugar is also not good body health? It is time to recall that everything that is excessive will not be good. An example is when blood sugar is too high or too low. The existence and stability of this blood sugar become one of the most important things for the body because usually the effect will immediately felt and hampered the entire work.


One of the people who usually will quite often feel the effect of low blood sugar is the diabetics and those who undergo a series of treatments. Not infrequently they will experience low blood due to the drugs they consume. Inevitably they should be wiser again when taking drugs. Well, for those of you who already feel curious about what are the negative effects of low blood sugar on the body, here are some of the most common.

Feeling Hunger

Signs or effects of low blood sugar first which is very common but generally rarely realized is feeling hungry. Many people think that this first low blood sugar effect is just normal, so it does not occur to them to check blood.

Easier Feeling Tired

Doing a lot of activities every day is inevitable makes you feel tired. However, if this fatigue becomes more frequent when you have not done a hard job, you should also be careful because it could be one of the negative effects of low blood sugar.

Body Feel Unpowered and Lack

It is also still associated with the negative effects of low blood sugar and may also taste not much different. You who have enough activity every day would be very disadvantaged if you experience this one situation. Therefore, checking blood sugar should be an important thing for your own health.

Being Difficult To Focus and Concentrate

Less blood sugar in the body will also greatly affect the blood circulation, which in the end the blood circulation will become non-fluent.