What Type of Real Estate Do You Want

When looking to purchase real estate, be sure to have a clue what you’re looking for, and whether you want something that can be leased or purchased. If you want to purchase, think about what you will be buying for the long term and consider the things that will matter to you. You may want a plot of land, a lakefront property or a rental unit. Once you get to the bottom of what type of investment you’d like to make you then pick an agent and start your search.

Plot of Land

Investing in land is a safe and wise move. Land is not as abundant as it used to be, and depending on the location of the land, you may have buyers knocking on your door in no time. If the land is near developed areas you should expect it to cost a little more. Commercial zoned land will also have a different price than the land zoned for residential use. Land is considered a long-term investment, however there can be short term high returns. If you hold on to the land it can prove to be lucrative further down the road.

Lakefront Property

Lakefront properties are always so nice on the photo. They are probably nice to ride by and daydream about as well. Owning one that you don’t plan to live in, however, might not be the best idea. Think of all the bugs that are probably near the water, think of the swimming conditions, think of what is wrong with the property if you are getting a really good deal on it. Consider the distance the property is from everything. How dark the area is at night. The most you will probably want to do is rent the place out, but that will be a seasonal thing, so you have to think about carrying the mortgage when you don’t have tenants. Unless, you personally really do want to move into a lakefront property. Then if so, it’s a great idea.

Rental Units

Rental units are always a good investment if you can keep them up. Depending on the area you will hardly ever have a vacancy. If so, you will soon learn how to play the market. People are always in need of somewhere to live, they may not always have the cash for a high-priced unit. Try to keep your units attractive enough to be worth the high price but purchase them at a low enough cost that it’s not suicidal if you must reduce the rent to get tenants in there. When I was ready to purchase my real estate, I looked for a real estate agent Rockwall TX


Purchasing real estate is not an easy decision. Even once you figure out what type of real estate you want to buy, then you must decide where or what you plan to do with it. Some of those decisions may come before others, but whenever you are ready to make your move, contact a knowledgeable agent so they can help guide you in the right direction.