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New NCAA Regulations on CBD Usage

The popularity of CBD is something that cannot be underestimated and this is even more so with the explosive rise it had in terms of availability, as this opened more doors for new consumers and those who are already consuming it have even opted to directly end other medications they are taking in order to focus on CBD. Even with the fact that few of the medical benefits that are said to be derived from CBD still haven’t been proven scientifically, it’s impact on the industry is already immense and we could only expect that this impact would experience more tremendous growth when the study about it produces some results.

Nowadays, even the National College Athletic Association or the NCAA has provided some changes in its regulations regarding the usage of CBD. Those student-athletes in college who are enduring some medical condition are definitely going to find it hard to deal with their circumstances compared to other students. Although with CBD muscle spasms benefits and other effects, you could possibly deal with your condition and be able to play your sports, neglect on how to properly use it could lead to more potential problems. If you want to ensure that you would remain eligible in playing your sports in college even upon using CBD, make sure that you go over the CBD NCAA regulations here.

In actual circumstances, NCAA is truly known for their resolute disposition regarding the usage of marijuana and its limits to the point where they are even strict up to the standards of US Military. Although it was said that certain cannabinoids weren’t part of the 5ml restriction, the association also mentioned that any related component to cannabis is not allowed which posed challenges in the past.

Changes in the NCAA has steered for the betterment of cannabis usage because although in 2014, it was still deemed to be worthy of a penalty, the penalty was tremendously lowered. To the dismay of many however, the usage of CBD will still result in your exit from the season while using any other drugs that are deemed to be performance-enhancing could potentially break your entire career for longer time.

With the aid of time and diverse studies, the association has started to recently focus their attention on making sure that CBD would be used to aid those who are in need of its medical attention. Marijuana is still illegal for usage but CBD can now be used by athletes. If you’re thinking about the CBD muscle spasm usage, it still is unfortunately not allowed.

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