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Mental Health And The Signs To Look Out For

In the modern day recognizing ill mental health is increasing and there is an attempt to stop the notion illness are only on the physical body. It is funny that if you have a cold people will be all over telling you to get well quick but when someone is said to have depression all they are told is to get up and handle whatever it is that is depressing. In the modern day studies have shown that very many people suffering from ill mental health as a result it should not be hard to pick if you notice one of your family members suffering from it.

Neglect Of Self Care And Unable To Do Daily Chores

It is difficult to do even the simplest daily task if you are suffering from ill mental health. It becomes even hard to get out of bed and you do not even have the energy to make yourself simple breakfast.

A routine that you used to go through everyday will breakdown and you may not even recognize when it started getting bad. In case you notice that suddenly you are not taking care of yourself as you used to or even a loved one, this is a serious ill mental health sign. Breakdowns in sleep routine, diet, constantly cancelling plans or being away from work many times and hygiene are factors of ill mental health.

No Motivation And Enjoyment In Anything In Life

It is not right to conclude that a lazy person has ill mental health. That is an awful and crude misconception about someone who is not enjoying anything in life anymore.

Depending On Drugs To Get By

This is connected to the point where you are unable to do daily tasks.
For a person to do a task they can decide the amount of time it will take. Do not be surprised if you find a patient choosing to use stuff to be able to face the day or have their energy boosted. Drugs can give someone a feeling of relaxation from anxiety. Seek help from professionals and do not be ashamed. There are times when you need drug and alcohol treatment as well as therapy. This will help you to understand why you feel the way you do. A person might not be able to face the day without using substances as they are already addicted.

Panic Attacks

People express their first panic attack as a feeling they thought they were going to die.

It is band because you do not even know what is going on. To those with ill mental health it is necessary that you speak to them about how panic attacks present themselves and how to handle them. Try and slow down your breathing and get lots of fresh air on the first panic attack.