Recessed Lighting in Fredericksburg Virginia

Residential lighting spans the full spectrum of illumination possibilities. Homeowners can utilize ceiling lights, recessed lighting, pendant lights, track lighting, under cabinet lighting and the list continues. Lighting in the home can take many forms. The location is often the factor that determines the type of illumination chosen. In kitchens, you’ll find pendant lighting over the island countertops and recessed lighting Fredericksburg VA in the ceiling and under cabinet lighting along the walls.

Designing the Lighting for Your Home

The interior designer or the architect can be instrumental in ensuring the room is well illuminated and uses the best lighting resources. The lighting for a room can be designed so that at any time some of the lighting can be on, while other sources are off. For instance, in that kitchen described earlier, even with pendant lights, under cabinet lights and recessed lights, you may also want ceiling lights to illuminate the room even more. In the hallways you may want the option of having wall sconces to set a soft mood and overhead lighting when you need to see every inch of the hallway. The bathroom is also one of those areas where you would want multiple light sources.

Bathroom Lighting

The bathroom is the location for close examination of one’s skin, so excellent lighting over the sink mirror is essential. That lighting could be delivered by installing a wall sconce with multiple lights or vanity wall mounted lights. That would offer good lighting for close personal grooming. Overhead lighting would also be necessary, as a bathroom should always offer its users good illumination.

Types of Ceiling Lighting

Flush Lights are mounted directing onto the ceiling.
• Semi-flush Lights hang 4 to 8 inches below the ceiling and work in rooms that have at least a ceiling 9 to 10 feet high.
• Recessed Lights, pot lights or can lights require at least a 6″ clearance above the ceiling to install.
• Utility Lighting is the traditional fluorescent lights, LED lights and any other flush mounted casings for light bulbs.
• Indirect LED Lighting is the mounting of LED strips along the ceiling. These strips reflect light onto the ceiling making the room look larger than it is.
• Hanging ceiling lights take the form of pendants, inverted pendants, chandeliers and track and rail lighting.

Installing Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting is a nice design touch and serves a utilitarian purpose as well when installed, but it does have limitations. Recessed lighting is not designed to radiate light across a room, instead it is focused and best used as an ambient or task light. To install, recessed lighting requires good insulation to stop the buildup of humidity inside the fixture. Recessed lighting offers a good solution for rooms with sloped ceilings or room with artwork that needs to be highlighted. The recessed light with the eyeball trim allows the light to be directed toward a focal point on the wall.

Lighting in any room should be designed to offer good visuals of the spaces being used. The homeowner will want a designer that considers each room’s use when designing the types of light installed. A good electrical company will be essential in installing your new or newly renovated home’s lighting. In addition to having great lighting, you will want the appropriate light switch to operate it.