Canadians Increasingly Receive Legal Medical Cannabis by Mail

More Canadians than ever are using cannabis and derived products for medical purposes. Many find that cannabis affords relief from symptoms that are otherwise impossible to manage and may even contribute to recovery from certain conditions. Now that it is possible to order cannabis by mail for those who are authorized to do so, an important option has become even more convenient.

Mail Order Access to a Huge Variety of Cannabis Products

One of the striking things about the medical use of cannabis is how its effectiveness and side effects vary so drastically from one person to the next. Even many people who have become devoted fans of medically prescribed cannabis became that way only after experimenting with a variety of products and approaches. Fortunately, providers of cultivated cannabis and products that are derived from it are ready to offer access to many different options, including:

  • Indica. There are two species of the cannabis plant that are commonly grown and harvested to be used for medical purposes. The shorter and fuller looking of the two, commonly known as “indica,” produces significantly more usable plant material in its most prevalent forms and cultivars. Indica cannabis plants tend to contain only moderate levels of the psychoactive compound THC, but a great deal of the organic chemical cannabidiol (CBD). With the latter thought by many to be responsible for many of the medically relevant uses for cannabis, indica stands as an interesting option to investigate in many different cases.
  • Sativa. The sativa species of the cannabis plant tends to grow quite a bit taller than its closest relative, while also remaining thinner and the females less densely covered with buds. Because it contains more THC, on average, than most forms of indica cannabis, sativa is often prescribed for the treatment of psychological issues like anxiety and depression. At the same time, it sometimes ends up being more effective for particular patients in treating purely physical symptoms and conditions despite normally having less CBD.

A Convenient Way for Many to Stock Up

With more and more Canadians each year discovering how cannabis can help with their medical problems, interest in indica, sativa, and products made from them has been growing steadily. For quite a few, the various legal mail-order options end up being some of the most convenient of all.