A Brief History of Logos

Creating an Ethical Rehabilitation Clinic Logo and Marketing

It can be challenging and sensitive marketing a rehabilitation clinic. Since your target audience are those individuals suffering from substance abuse and those with serious mental disorders, your marketing strategies should not be discriminating, insulting, or punitive. You would want to embody a rehabilitation clinic that is welcoming and comfortable to anybody who wants to seek treatment. The marketing efforts might be tricky because you want to tell your patients that your facility is available to help them, but it is also important to choose your words correctly, including your logo and business statement.

There are many unethical rehabilitation marketing strategies proliferating nowadays that make patients withdraw from the rehabilitation program, doubtful about the intentions of the facility, and they also feel judged or punished. How can you avoid using unethical substance abuse treatment marketing practices and to have an acceptable logo design? It is a big turn-off posting misleading success rate just to draw patients in. You have to study the success rates using the correct figures based on your records, be solid with your rehabilitation marketing strategies, and your rehabilitation marketing must be professional, solid and consistent. It is best to use a professional substance abuse rehabilitation facility logo to establish your identity. It is best to use a minimalist design when creating your rehabilitation clinic logo and use acceptable terms when indicating or displaying your clinic type or services. For instance, rather than use the words ‘alcoholism’, ‘addiction’, or mental health, you can use more acceptable terms such as ‘assistance’ or ‘wellness’. Unless you are hosting a qualified personnel in-house, don’t use the words ‘doctor’ or ‘psychiatry’.

Select a logo design signifying family and compassion if you want to feature a design. If you want to signify happiness and hope, you can also choose images like the image of a flower, the sun, or a rainbow. If you don’t have accreditation, don’t include anything, and you may consider using the same theme like what Recovery in Motion used in their logo. If you want more patients to avail of your services, you need to legally seek accreditation and proper licensing so you can drag it on your website and your logo. Increase the personal and social awareness of people about substance abuse and mental disorders through social media, sharing relevant information how you can help people, attach your business logo, and post your accreditation and awards if you have any. Indeed, there are many ways to promote your rehabililation center, and having a good logo design is your first step to geting known. You can reap the fruit of success in your rehabilitation center business by being informative, helpful, and professional!