Tips and How to Maintain Respiratory Health

Germs can attack our respiratory tract so we get sick, diseases that attack the respiratory tract include influenza, bronchitis, pneumonia or pneumonia, and pulmonary tuberculosis. The mode of transmission is when people or people a cough and sneeze, germs will be thrown into the air, at this time other healthy people will be infected with this germ if he breathed air containing these germs. Then is there any way we can do to maintain and maintain health on the breathing apparatus? The following will describe some effective ways of maintaining health in the human respirator.


In order for our health to stay well, we need to do a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle can improve health also on our breathing apparatus, here is a healthy lifestyle that can improve the health of human respiratory equipment.

Eat Nutritious Foods

Nutritious food can increase endurance. By consuming nutritious foods then the body is not susceptible to disease. For example, if the eating pattern is healthy and regular, you are not easy to catch influenza.

Exercise Regularly

Our body needs enough oxygen to burn the juice of the food in the body. By exercising the respiratory process can be smoothly due to proper breathing exercises. Good sports for respiratory health include athletics, gymnastics, and swimming.

Regular Breaks

Our body also requires an adequate rest time. In children resting in sleep is the best time for growth and recovery. However, rest does not need too much because body activities such as playing and exercising are also necessary for the health of respiratory equipment. We need an average of 8-9 hours of sleep each day.

Keeping Clean

Maintaining cleanliness both personal and environmental hygiene is a key requirement in maintaining health. Personal hygiene can be started by washing hands after completion of the activity. While the cleanliness of the environment can start from our room. Make sure the room there is good air circulation. humid room air and stuffy is not good for the health of breathing apparatus. germs easily multiply in these conditions. Make sure also the room always gets sunshine every day because some types of germs can die because of heat and sunlight.