Tips for Improving Body Resistance

Dense routines and limited time can cause body resistance to decrease, you know. Especially if not accompanied by eating healthy food and drink plenty of water.


Do not let Moms even neglect health because the workload is too heavy. Keep in mind, for optimal work, Moms build must always be fit to focus and concentration Moms awake. For that, do also seven things below to improve endurance Moms body every day.

Latex can lower Body Resistance

Not eating and late eating is different, but it still affects the health that eventually will lower the resistance of the body Moms. When late to eat, the glucose forces in the brain so disturbed within 4-6 hours since the last Moms to eat. Finally, blood sugar Moms so low and cause Moms quickly lethargic, lack of concentration, as well as physical and mental performance decreased. Late eating also causes stomach cramps, dizziness, constipation, or diarrhea.

Do not Stress

When facing a problem, focus on the solution, not to how big the problem. Try to have one day a week in which Moms can release stress and rest completely. Everyone has their own way of releasing their stress, for example, there are enough sleepers all day at home, meeting friends in the cafe, or going to the salon.

Keep Positive

Can not be denied, keep positive thinking is one of the obligatory things done if you want to have better body resistance. Make sure Moms always think positive for Moms always happy. That way, around Moms, will also contribute to this positive energy. Appreciate always every effort that Moms do and do not forget to always take the wisdom behind every incident.

Sleeping Enough

Do not think sleep deprivation is trivial. In fact, lack of sleep can decrease physical endurance and cause Moms can collapse at any time. Bedtime is also very important because, during sleep, the body will renew the body’s cells, rest enough, and fight disease. Rest for 7-9 hours per day for a better immune system.

Take Time to Exercise Each Day

If Moms really do not have time to spend the time to go to the gym, do light exercise that can Moms do at home with the jumping pack or push up several times after waking up. Cardio for 30 minutes per day it will provide a large enough impact on endurance, you know.

Diligent Drinking Water

Lack of fluid will cause the body quickly tired and easily headache that eventually leads to stress. 70% of the body consists of water, for that Moms must be diligent drinking water to help the body to remove toxins and strengthen the immune system. Try drinking water at least eight glasses per day.

Consumption of Antioxidants

Antioxidants are minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients that can help the body fight free radicals. For example, eating lemons that contain vitamin C to help fight bacteria and viruses, increase endurance, and natural detoxification for the body.

Or Moms can also consume garlic that plays very well to fight flu symptoms. Moms can also eat spinach that contains folate to produce new cells and antioxidants for the body.