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Tips Chat with New Friends

The approach becomes a period that most human beings think is the sweetest time. Usually, both guys and girls will feel nervous until nervous when dealing with people who approached him. There are many ways to approach the targeted person aka close friend, one of them by chatting through a short message or chat. Here are 5 tips for you to PDKT through chat in the hope of inventing you with a close friend.

1. Say Hello First

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Start by greeting it first. In this way, a usually close friend will be more open, than if you start a live chat to the points you want to discuss. After your close friend reply, then you start the conversation

2. Use Simple Language

Use language and writing that is easy to understand after your close friend answered chat you send. You can ask whether he is busy or not. If he answers no, then you can continue the discussion you have designed before.

3. Discuss the Fun

Talk about fun and it should be understood, a close friend. Looks do not know once in a while not a problem, just do not get too do not know, because your close friend can assume you are not smart. You can ask what you have mastered, with a note you’ve researched before, so you know a bit of it.

5. Do not Chat Every Day

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If your chat activities are fun and exciting, should not be done every day and every time, but keep the intensity. Create a close friend you miss your chat. If you are already at this stage, you can start a conversation by telling your activities that day and asking questions or turning to ask questions about their activities. Exchange ideas can be fun to do and get to know each other deeper.