Obesity is Over the Limit? Avoid Eating the Following

Obesity becomes one disease or disorder that is avoided by everyone. Not only worsen the body shape, obesity can cause physical conditions that are not good. The buildup of fat in the body can lead to other diseases, such as heart disease, hypertension, and reproductive problems for men. The following are causes of obesity.


Skip Breakfast Habits

Maybe you often assume skipping breakfast can help save calories to reduce weight. However, the habit is not true. Generally, many people often skip breakfast and eat less nutritious foods. This is what tends to increase weight. A good breakfast is to consume foods that contain carbohydrates, fiber, and amino acids.

Late Breakfast

Regularity in breakfast is important. The reason, when waking up, the body needs energy sources for the main organs to function normally. In addition, the condition of your stomach when waking up is empty, so this leads to the separation of acidic liquids. This is what can cause inflammation. Therefore, you’ll want to enjoy breakfast maximum of one hour after waking up. In addition, during breakfast, you can enjoy healthy drinks, such as warm tea mixed with a little lemon juice. Such drinking habits can keep you from obesity.

Eating Processed Foods

Sausage and Processed Meat Declared As Cause of Cancer. For those of you who have a busy schedule, cooking food becomes a difficult thing to do. As a result, you often eat processed foods. In addition to practical, generally processed foods have a more delicious flavor. However, processed foods contain chemicals, sugars, calories and fats that can cause obesity. Therefore, you should replace processed foods with fruits, vegetables or natural yogurt.

Sleeping Too Much

When you fall asleep, the metabolic process rests. The normal time to rest is seven to nine hours per day. When more than that, the metabolic process was disrupted, and you will experience weight gain.

Lack of Drinking Mineral Water

Although impressed unrelated, hydration in the body plays an important role in metabolism. The process of burning fat is actually helped by the water you consume.

Therefore, you should start the day by drinking a glass of warm water with lemon juice. After that, continue drinking at least three to four glasses of water in the morning.