Foods That Make Your Skin Glow At All Days

Which girl does not want have bright skin glow? Not just girls, boys also want it. Sometimes to get such bright skins the various ways they do. Ranging from white injections to plastic surgery that must be dangerous in the long run.

Did you know, if maintaining skin health can also be through the food we consume you know? Especially for fresh foods such as fruits and vegetables that contain many vitamins needed skin. Here we have summarized natural skin lightening foods that you can consume. Foods That Make Your Skin glow On All Days

Berry Fruit Can Whiten Skin Glow

Fruit berry families such as strawberries, blueberries, and raspberry contain high antioxidants and vitamin C which is useful to protect the skin from the sun and premature aging. Malic acid found in strawberries is a natural bleach agent. The effect is felt on the skin is fresh, tight, and youthful. You can eat the fruits directly or make them juice.


Orange is rich in vitamin C which is used to brighten the skin which girl does not want to have bright skin glow? Not just girls, boys also want it. Sometimes to get such bright skins the various ways they do. Ranging from. Nutrients contained therein can brighten the scars, hydrate the skin, and maintain skin elasticity from within. Try to consume unspoiled oranges instead of packs that have gone through several processes to lose their original nutrients. In addition to orange fruit, you can also consume lemon and lemon by brewing and drink it every morning.


Apple is famous for its antioxidant content that can minimize the effects of early use such as wrinkles. But in addition, apples also contain vitamin C that can make our skin more elastic. Eating apples regularly every day will keep the skin clean and youthful. Even according to research, the nutritional content in this apple can keep the skin from the bad effects of free radicals.


Broccoli into the ranks of vegetables with high vitamin C content. in 100 grams of broccoli there is 89.2 mg of vitamin C. As well as other vitamin C foods, broccoli can keep the skin from the harmful effects of free radicals that have the potential to damage cell DNA.


Tomatoes that we usually find in vegetables, salads, and vegetables turned out to have extraordinary benefits in brightening natural skin. In addition, tomatoes also contain lycopene which is useful as an antioxidant antidote to free radicals and blood circulation, so skin is brighter.

Papaya fruit

All must have known with the fruit of a million people. Papaya has skin whitening compounds such as papain and alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that may brighten the skin to reduce pigmentation, improve skin texture, and maintaining pH balance.

In addition, papaya can also lift and remove dead skin cells when we use directly to the skin. Just like any other fruit, you can eat papaya directly to get the benefits.


Avocado can be said to be a fruit rich in benefits. In one avocado contained about 4.2 mg of vitamin E and 12 mg of vitamin C. That means if you eat one avocado already get two vitamins that are needed skin at once.

Avocados contain not only vitamins. Other nutrients from this fruit is a natural fat that is used to keep skin moisture from the inside. So it is very fitting for the tropics that we usually have dry skin.