Foods That can Lower High Blood

For those of you who suffer from high blood pressure or hypertension, taking medication alone is not enough to be able to lower and control blood pressure. Some people closest to you may recommend some types of foods that can lower high blood pressure. However, is one of the recommended foods listed on this list? To find out, please check more about what foods can lower blood pressure below.

High Blood

Bananas Can Lower High Blood

You may be surprised to hear it. Yes, bananas in addition to cheap, also useful for the health of your blood pressure. This easy-to-find fruit can help you with hypertension for high blood pressure. Why?. High potassium content in bananas can help balance high levels of sodium in the body of people with hypertension so it can help you in lowering blood pressure. You can eat bananas directly or as a friend to eat cereal or yogurt. Better is not it?

Green Vegetables

In addition to bananas, green vegetables such as spinach, kale, green lobes, mustard, and others also contain high potassium. What’s more, green vegetables also contain calcium which is also useful for lowering high blood pressure. Half a cup of cooked spinach is able to provide 12% of the daily calcium requirement of an adult.


Lack of calcium is one factor that can cause high blood pressure. Well, for that, you need to add calcium to your intake. One of the foods rich in calcium is yogurt. About 170 grams of yogurt contains 300 mg of calcium, almost 1/3 of your calcium needs. Sodium content in yogurt is also low, so it is safe for you people with hypertension. In addition, probiotics in yogurt may also help lower high blood pressure, as found in some studies.

Skim Milk

In addition to yogurt, skim milk also contains high calcium that can help you lower blood pressure. In addition, skim milk contains low fat which is also needed in decreasing blood pressure. According to a study published in the Journal of Human Hypertension in 2012, there is a link between low-fat milk consumption and a reduced risk of high blood pressure. Although calcium plays an important role in lowering blood pressure, there may also be other components in milk that also play a role, such as peptide compounds from milk.


Potato is one food that contains potassium and high magnesium. Both of these minerals can lower blood pressure. Potatoes also have the fiber you need. The problem here is the way the potato processing is usually added with salt. The addition of this salt makes potatoes into foods that contain high salt, which can actually increase blood pressure.


Fruit groups of berries, especially blueberries, contain flavonoid compounds. A study shows that this flavonoid can prevent high blood pressure and can also help lower blood pressure. You can add blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries to your yogurt or morning cereal.

Fruit bits

Some studies show that drinking beet juice can lower high blood pressure. One study that proves it comes from a study published in the Nutrition Journal in 2013. This study proved that there was a decrease in systolic blood pressure after six hours of consuming beet juice, especially in male participants.


Oatmeal is a food that contains low sodium, low fat, and high fiber so it can help you in lowering high blood pressure. Breakfast with oatmeal is a great idea as your first meal before going through the day. If you feel the oatmeal taste is too bland, you can add fresh fruit or a little honey.


Certain types of fish, such as trout, have vitamin D content that can help lower your blood pressure. However, that must be considered is how you process the fish. Do you add salt or not? The addition of salt can actually increase