Eye Bags Can Reduce the Beauty of Women

Having panda eyes or also known as bags of black and large eyes will certainly make our appearance feels less attractive, especially if you are a woman. Panda’s eye is not really a serious and dangerous health problem. But the presence of eye bags can be a sign that the body lacks rest time that can cause problems in the body, for example, you will feel more tired, could be a sign of low blood pressure. Although many have experienced panda eyes, still rarely apply tips on removing eye bags quickly. Usually, many who just let, anyway also lost itself. And usually many women use makeup to disguise panda eyes.

There are several factors that are suspected as the cause of the emergence of eye bags. But one of the most frequent and most common factors we encounter is lack of sleep. A person who often suffers from lack of sleep, according to experts will have more melanin hormone. This hormone is the cause of the emergence of panda eyes. In addition, there are some causes of eye bags, including crying, age factor, too tired, anemia, dehydration, sun exposure, alcohol, smoking and use of make is too thick.

Next, we will try to answer the question how to eliminate eye bags naturally and quickly ?. Actually a lot of ways to overcome the eye bags that you can practice. Such as beauty treatments in the salon or using beauty products. But there are alternative ways to overcome the eyes of pandas naturally using the materials around us. Like cucumbers, ice cubes, and potatoes. How to remove black eye bags with these materials is also very easy, in terms of price is also very cheap. Although the way panda eye over this long, the results no doubt. How To Eliminate Natural Panda Eye

Mask Potatoes for Eye Bags

One of the benefits of potato masks in the world of beauty is to be used to whiten and tighten the skin. The use of potato mask on the face will not only eliminate panda eyes but also fine wrinkles on the face.

Peel 1 piece of potato then puree
Use a washcloth to wrap a mask of potatoes
Paste the washcloth on the area around the eye
Leave on for 20 minutes, do it before bed and during the morning

  1. Compress with tea bags

This method is actually very easy and cheap. But many people who do not know the efficacy of tea masks for skin care. Tea contains a tannin substance that is useful to shrink pores and tighten the skin naturally.

Prepare two free tea bags
Dip a tea bag on ice water
Use a tea bag to cover the eye area and leave for 20 minutes
5. Cucumber slices

Cucumber fruit is a fruit that contains a lot of water. The way this one must have been widely practiced. And indeed has proven its efficacy to eliminate panda eyes.

Cut the round cucumber, try not too thick and not too thin
Stick the cucumber slices on the eyes, most comfortable with the sleeping position
Allow for 30 minutes to refresh the eye

  1. Tomato Slices

Not just cucumbers that we can use to eliminate panda eyes. How to remove eye bags with tomatoes is also as easy as cucumbers.

Cut the prepared tomatoes
Then attach it to the eye area.
Allow for 30 minutes for the cool sensation of the cucumber to refresh the eye and relieve the black bruise of the eye sac.