How to Shave Women’s Eyebrow Shaped Face shape Face

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The eyebrow is one of the framing of a woman’s face that can attract someone’s attention. and can show the expression on a woman’s face. With a beautiful and neat eyebrow shape. A neat eyebrow will make a woman look beautiful without having to make up her. For that, many people believe that if the eyebrows affect the overall appearance.

With a neat and beautiful eyebrow shape. Your eyes and face area will feel more comfortable to look at. That way, you will also be more confident when appearing in front of many people. How do we get to form neat and beautiful eyebrows?.  Here’s how to tidy eyebrows:

Women with Thickness with High Curvature

The owner of the face shape of the box will look good when forming thick eyebrows with a rather high arch. Eyebrow shape like this will make a box-shaped face so look smoother. In addition, the owner of the face of the box is not recommended to cut eyebrows too thin.

High Curve A Round Face

more suitable if it forms an eyebrow with a rather high arch. To get an eyebrow look like this, you must learn how to tidy up the messy eyebrows by plucking the hairs on the top of the eyebrows. Then, the eyebrow image with a slightly curved shape upward to reduce the impression round on the face.

Align with Low Arch

Having a face that is a little long or oval will not reduce the beauty of your face. You just need to form your eyebrows with a flat line and a very low curve. Eyebrow shape like this will give a vertical effect on the face so it looks not too long.

A Round Arch

Want to have eyebrows with round arches? Make sure first that your face shape is the heart. The face of a free heart-shaped face forms thick or thin eyebrows.…