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Installing False Eyelashes Easy for Beginners

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For an unfamiliar woman, installing false eyelashes is very difficult to do. Not a few women are accustomed to making eye makeup. But can not put fake eyelashes. Before you learn to wear false eyelashes you must first know the types of false eyelashes. Here are the types of false eyelashes

Strip Lashes

Before discussing how to install false eyelashes, you know to know in advance the types of false lashes on the market. The most common type of bulbs (eyelashes) is the strip lashes. For those of you who are new to learning first, you should use fake lashes. because it is easier to install and release.

Three-Quarter  Lashes

The next type of false eyelashes on the market is the Three-Quarter. Although the amount is not as much as strip lashes, this fur is pretty much sold in the market. Eyelashes are only 3/4 eyelids are used for the tail of the eye. The end result of these eyelashes is natural lashes and large eyes.

Individual Flare Lashes

for those of you who are very difficult beginner wear this type of eyelashes. Because Individual flare lashes are false eyelashes that are in size per piece. Usually, each piece consists of 1-8 lash lines. The average that uses this type of eyelashes is a professional makeup artist. The end result of false lashes can be natural, can also be dramatic. Depending on how to apply and the length of the eyelashes.

Individual Single Lashes

In the wearer of this type of lashes more difficult than the type of Individual Flare Lashes. Because individual single lashes are only used for eyelash extensions. Glue used to stick to lashes is not the same as other types of eyelashes. Because this type of eyelashes is permanent that lasted for 2-4 weekly.

Lower Lashes

Not all women need eyelashes on this one. These lower false eyelashes are too tacky if used for day-to-day. Hence, women use these false eyelashes when going to parties or weddings…