5 Things that Make a Boyfriend Jealous

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Jealousy trusted many people as a sign of love and affection. So if your girlfriend shows you jealousy, that means she loves you and loves you. Jealousy is an overflow of dislike for what couples have done that causes feelings of fear, worry, and fear of loss. The cause is also very diverse, ranging from talking about the former, go with the opposite sex, and so forth. Many people are not sensitive to the cause of this jealousy. Because it turns out there are ordinary things that could trigger jealousy from your boyfriend JBers. Want to know what things can make a boyfriend jealous? Here is the list

Have a Friend

Everyone must have friends or friends of the opposite sex. There’s nothing wrong with it, but if your closeness to them is more intimate than your close relationship with your own boyfriend, surely your girlfriend will be jealous. Especially when you are proud of your opposite sex friend. Your boyfriend would not like it even though he sometimes hides his jealousy. Many people do not say that he is jealous of his girlfriend’s friend for fear of being possessive.

Go Hang Out with Friends

Go hang out with friends is a natural thing to do when already have a boyfriend because each person always wants to have a “me time”. Although it sounds ordinary, your boyfriend must be jealous when you go hang out with his friends. Especially if he did not contact you or reply to chat messages when he was with his friends. Try to send a message or call him once so he or she feels good if you still remember him when you were with his friends. With just one message or phone, his heart would be relieved and the jealousy would be gone.

Receive a Phone from the Opposite Type

When you receive a phone or message from the opposite sex, there must be some jealousy in your boyfriend. Especially if you call or send a message in a stealthy way. Although the phone or message you receive is not the thing that leads to infidelity, such as phone calls from relatives, friends, until co-workers, but still the name of the phone or message of the opposite sex will cause feelings of jealousy. He will definitely be curious about what you are talking about with the opposite sex. If there is nothing, then be honest because with the honesty will eliminate the excessive jealousy of your girlfriend.

Dress Neat When Not Going With It

Dressed Immaculate While Going with Friends (
The longer you dating him, the more you will get used to it. Therefore, not infrequently there are people who dress as it goes along with the boyfriend because you want to be as comfortable as possible when going with him. But this is what sometimes causes jealousy from girlfriends because when you dress neatly while away with others, he feels no privileged again by you. Try to dress up occasionally while going with him so that he feels that the times you guys go together is a special moment.

Displaying Artist

This one thing does sound very ordinary, but can also trigger a sense of jealousy from a boyfriend. You never heard of your boyfriend or yourself idolized a certain artist so without them knowing. They alluded to the idol artist’s physical problems like having a beautiful face. A tall body, an athletic body, and so on. The more you flatter the idol artist, it will appear a sense of envy and jealous although not many people who show it directly alias openly. When you flatter your idol artist, do not forget to flatter your boyfriend also for his heart feel also feel good.…